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Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods

We live in the modern world which means To live together”. In other words, it means to be the part of circumstances, problems and ideas of the present age. However, we still lack to arrive at this stage of modernity. This is because everyone knows about the problems of human beings but no one becomes a part of them. Some people feel shy to talk and some are not aware of it.  So, can we think that this is a modern age? 

I know you are not getting what I am talking about…!!! Here it is about the periods that some may know as the menstrual cycle or menses. Nowadays it is still a taboo among people. But the thing is why make it so reluctant? If no one talks about it then how anyone can understand it? Moreover, men who won’t know anything, are expected to realise it. No one thought of how it is possible to sense it without knowing. So, here is the complete guide arriving to know everything about periods.

 What Are Periods?

Menstrual Cycle
Menstrual cycle. Menstruation, Follicle phase, Ovulation and Corpus luteum phase. Vector diagram

Periods are the blood coming out from the woman’s uterus (womb, lower abdomen). These begin at the age of 12-13 and remain till menopause which arrives around the age of 50-55. Menopause simply is a mark that the periods have come to an end now. 

However, the period starts when the tissues in the body of a woman are of no need. So when the cycle begins it flows out the unwanted tissues with the blood from the cervix through the vagina. The menstruation cycle is of 5-7 days when the bleeding from the vagina exists. One menstrual cycle begins from the very first day of the period. Normally an average menses commences after 28 days. This is how this cycle continues every month. 

What Causes Periods?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
Female menstrual cycle. Female doctor tracking menstrual cycle. female reproductive system.

The period begins due to the fluctuation in hormones in the Women’s body. Hormones are the chemical agents that are released in the woman’s body to inform particular cells to execute a specific act. During the menstrual cycle, ovaries release the hormones progesterone and estrogen which helps in regulating the whole cycle. With the help of these hormones, the lining of the uterus builds. However, the developed lining is prepared to implant the fertilized eggs. If eggs won’t get fertilized then the build-up lining shatters and bleeding emerges from the vagina. Though, There are pituitary glands in the woman’s body that trigger the ovaries to discharge an egg.

What Are Signs Your Period Is Coming?

3-4 days from the start of their period women start realizing the physical and emotional changes in the body. There are around 90% of women go through premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). PMS is the variety of symptoms that they have to suffer during periods. This could be like- 

Physical PMS

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
12 PMS symptoms. Woman’s period problems or premenstrual syndrome. #PHYSICAL PMS
  • Bloating in Stomach
  • Cramps in Abdominal
  • Swelling on breast
  • Body ache
  • Changes in diet
  • Pimples on face
  • Unusual sleep
  • Irritation from sound or light
  • The vaginal white discharge becomes absent or sticky

Emotional PMS

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
Women having premenstrual syndrome with tampons, menstrual cups, sanitary napkins, pads, period cramps, menstruation concept, female reproductive system, flat vector illustration cartoon character design #EMOTIONAL PMS
  • Irritation
  • Stress
  • Tiredness or Exhaustion
  • Hungriness and Angriness
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling of Crying

What Men Have To Suffer From This?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
woman periods, #periods, periods effect, worst days, level of anxiety, PMS

From this what men have to suffer is mood swings in their dear ones. However, this affects them too. In this span, everything seems to be the worst in the initial days. However, these mood swings are the most vulnerable part of this cycle. As the Individual is not able to react to the things going on and make the people around irritated. Apart from this late-night cravings also troubles a lot for food like ice cream, Imli or fast food.

Hence, the body just feels low which only increases the level of anxiety. So, here the Men’s need to understand the PMS and should deal with this smoothly instead of getting annoyed. If you are feeling any of the PMS in your loved ones, try to understand them.

Why Do Men Need To Understand Periods?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
Unwell Woman suffering from stomachache, and abdominal pain. Female period problems. Girl having a period, premenstrual syndrome, PMS, menstruation, calendar.

The reason why men need to understand is that women won’t tell you. As women are also not able to recognise it if you ask them questions like ‘what happened’ ‘what is making you annoying’ ‘why you are not telling me then the only answer will be ‘I Don’t know. However, it is a truth that women can’t explain because there is no reason. Instead, there is only PMS that affects them. 

ps- remember the dates when periods are about to arrive.

How To Console Women?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
console women with warm gestures. periods hurt. provide them with healthy and moody eatables.

Periods are not only suffered by women alone. Its consequences are faced by people around. Because no one can understand what is going on. So, the only solution to make things right is to console women. Instead of asking questions try to cheer them, try to have a fun conversation or about something they like. However, it is all about doing some extra effort nothing much.

This is not necessary to do but this might make them feel better because the feeling of getting blood out of your vagina is not easy to handle. A little more affection and pampering does help to relax their hormonal changes and stay calm during these particular days. Along with this give them random hugs to make them feel that they are not alone or give them chocolates which help in reducing pain. As there are heavy mood swings and food cravings during menstrual days, it is helpful if somebody treats the female with empathy and desired food items.

Do Periods Hurt?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
Menstrual pain treatment.

Menstrual cramps are usual during periods. But the thing is some have to bear swear pain and some have a little less than severe pain. However, this is the muscle pain that moves to the thighs & back and left the body aches behind to bear. There are not only periods that hurt but many other things that feel like hell. Working in periods seems to be simple but it is not. 

What Are Sanitary Pads?

Every one of you must have watched ‘Akshay Kumar’s movie #Padman’. That movie tells about the emergence, its need and how it became a part of every women’s life. A sanitary pad often called a sanitary napkin or a menstrual pad is a small, thin pad composed of an absorbent substance that is used to catch menstrual fluid when it is shed. Some sanitary pads have a single user and are disposable. The majority of sanitary pads on the market are disposable. The majority of reusable pads are made of fabric and can be cleaned, dried, and used repeatedly. Sanitary pads are available in various sizes, shapes, and absorbency levels to accommodate days of heavy and light menstrual bleeding. To find the one that best meets one’s needs, one will need to experiment with a variety of sanitary pads. 

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
Feminine hygiene. Menstrual cup and cloth pad is hygiene items for protecting woman during their menstrual cycle, cartoon female without menses problems isolated on white background

What Else Could Be Used?

Nowadays women also use ‘Tampons’. These are like sanitary pads but are small in size, in the shape of cylinders and easy to carry. Most athletes or women in games usually use these because they prevent leakage. Tampons are designed in a way that they are placed into the vagina. They can’t be felt because they are used inside the body. Otherwise, sanitary pads lead to rashes between thighs or irritation. All these tampons and sanitary pads are for one-time use. 

How Do Periods Look?

There is no doubt that periods arrive after every 28 days. Apart from this, no one knows at what time they will arrive. So, when the blood came out from the vagina there is nothing under the vaginal area. As usually women usesanitary pads’ over their underpants to absorb the flowing blood. Otherwise, it will be going to ruin your clothes. And this is the worst part because in all the pain and annoyance one has to clean everything without any option. By passing days the flow came to an end and normal life began. Though some feel weakness even after the period’s end.

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
Girl preparing the vegan cocktail. Green smoothie, healthy diet cocktail for slimming. Detox food and drink. Organic and vitamin beverage. The blending of raw ingredients. Flat cartoon vector illustration #Periods Food #ALL ABOUT HEALTHY DIET EVERYDAY

However, healthy periods depend on a healthy diet. It is very necessary to have a healthy and balanced diet. Improper diet results in fluctuation in periods and health issues like PCOD or PCOS. So, take care of yourself and your loved ones.  

PS- ‘to understand period cramps #periodsMachine has also come which are usually seen in malls and other public areas.

How Does Leakage Feel?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
this is what periods look like- soft, harsh and irritating.

It seems like liquid is flowing out when you have your first period, but it’s not like you are peeing. Due to how little it is sometimes, one might not even realize it. Other times, you may sense a gush and think, “Am I safe down there, or is it leaking?” That’s how I feel. Sometimes when women laugh or sneeze leakage can be felt. Just so you know, health professionals estimate that only approximately 1/4 cup of your period is true blood. Some women may experience an extremely uncomfortable sensation or feel as though blood is simply “gushing out” of them. On days, some find that staying home is the most comfortable option.

What Are The Causes Of Period Pain?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
the pain is caused by a natural chemical called prostaglandins in the uterus lining.

The menstrual pain begins when the wall of the womb tightens. Soft contractions (tightening of muscles) regularly happen in the womb, but generally, they are so gentle that most women won’t feel them. The womb wall begins to flex more forcefully during the period to aid in the shedding of the womb lining.

The blood vessels lining the female’s womb are compressed when the uterine wall contracts. This momentarily interrupts the flow of blood and oxygen to your womb. The tissues in the womb emit substances that cause pain when there is a lack of oxygen.

The female body also produces other chemicals known as prostaglandins at the same time that it releases these pain-inducing compounds. These cause the uterine muscles to tighten even harder, making the agony even worse. It’s possible that some women feel greater contractions because of a buildup of prostaglandins.

How Do Periods Help In Pregnancy?

Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
Informative Flyer Female Reproductive Health. this is all about pregnancy and periods.

Every month, your menstrual cycle aids in your body’s pregnancy preparation. If you are not pregnant, it also causes you to get your period. Hormones like oestrogen and progesterone regulate the menstrual cycle and period. The process is as follows:

Each of your two ovaries houses several eggs. The eggs are so little that they cannot be seen by the human eye. Hormones in the female’s body during the menstrual cycle cause the eggs in the ovaries to mature, and when an egg is mature, it is prepared for sperm cell fertilization. The lining of the uterus becomes thick and spongy due to these hormones. Therefore, if your egg is fertilised, it will have a cosy spot to settle and begin a pregnancy. The same as practically everything else inside of our bodies, its lining is composed of tissue and blood. It is nutrient-rich and will aid in the growth of the pregnancy.

The hormones instruct one of the ovaries to release a mature egg around midway through your menstrual cycle; this process is known as ovulation. Bloating, spotting, or a slight soreness in your lower abdomen that may just be on one side are a few ovulation symptoms. The majority of people don’t experience these symptoms when they ovulate. The egg goes through one of the two fallopian tubes and into your uterus after leaving your ovary. The body doesn’t require the thick uterine lining if conception is unsuccessful. Blood and tissue flow out of the body through your lining as it degrades.

Menstruation stops during pregnancy because the body needs the lining if you become pregnant. Upon ceasing to be pregnant, the menstruation returns.


Things Men Should Know About Menstrual Cycle/ Periods
periods are not shameful.

Men do not undergo the menstrual period phase but need to have this knowledge to help any female around them. Men who are taught about the menstrual cycle have a greater understanding of the value and practicality of safe sex and contraception as adults, which may help them avoid unintended pregnancies. Additionally, it will better prepare students to comprehend any concerns and problems.

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