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The Ladder

Its all about exploring but in vain, the insanity in sheer sanity. The hush flaws decorated in all the glitz & glitters. A society full of PARANOID beings, where narcissism reigns supreme. Some firmly quote that it is a wicked generation. Really? Might be, Millenials will agree. Ladder by ladder stalkers, superficial beings, daddy’s botox fairies, and mommy’s shining armors raping the dignity of mother Earth exists along with superfluous filters, eroticism, niggards, social masks which are nothing more than humbug. This heart-wrenching state of humans is awful. In general, there are two notions- One related to the destruction of Earth & another peculiar phenomenon about women.

TRAGIC OR COMIC? Whateva, but how can we forget these sensational beings or maybe miserable, apart from all feminism, mee too movements, and campaigns for equality? This gender, no matter what, is always under some boundation irrespective of being small or big, good or bad. It’s kind of weird how this female sex is so much fun at any age, just as chicken with breast & leg pieces. The so-called caretakers of society, these holders of patriarchy often trespass on a woman’s dignity. One can undoubtedly remember some highly respectable names given to Women, for example, Booty beauty, Awesome Ass, Harridan, Arm candy, and a few very common Slut, pussy, Bitch, Used tissue & so on. Ah! has anyone ever wondered how this other sex has managed to stay safe & liberal away from the torment. Who knows. Whatever, but its not an overnight thing. Instead, everything going on LADDER BY LADDER.

Theurgy Over Pendamic Scenarios

Exotic nature
Young man standing on cliff and looking at blue ocean

I read somewhere that you think of yourself as a citizen of the universe. You think you belong to this world of dust & matter. Out of this dust, you have created a personal image, and have forgotten about the essence of your TRUE ORIGIN. Great Words indeed, and in order to maintain this personal image, Many use Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed. If all can feel the same way towards the essence of their origin, their true purpose, then it will lead to a massive contribution to the world. But its definitely not an overnight thing. Everything will go on LADDER BY LADDER with PATIENCE & perseverance.

No one actually realized when did the Majestic, seraphic Nature turn into something so nasty. Is it for real? Eyes never lie, it’s a deep saying, well in context with this, it denotes Nature’s grandeur like Stars twinkling with pride, the moon vanishing all the darkness with its alluring moonlight, the sun continuing being a clock, the highest compliment can be of punctuality in a world full of demeaning creatures. Rivers are flowing & yelling for the sake of humanity; Mountains are standing high against all agony & detestation. Oceans are singing enchanting love songs, caves echoing the message of brotherhood, and minerals shining even after all the carving, chiseling, and honing.

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Potential & Bona Fide Hopes

Portuguese sunset
Beautiful orange sunset at the beach

Dreaming has been transformed into cursing. But alas! All fail to understand what world it would become without dreams covered in millions & zillion of hopes, some broken some budding, each one equally significant. In any form, HOPES must be kept alive. They must always stay on eyelashes, in the heart & the mind, because with each budding hope, the way full of thorns becomes smooth. All must infuse their lives with OPTIMISM towards a realistic and better world to live in where humans reside, unlike mere walking & talking decaying skeletons.

HOPES are magical as they create a soothing atmosphere of WARMTH & SERENITY. They assure a ray of HAPPINESS in all the gloom. Hopes are embedded with STRENGTH. The strength that gives hope to rise all over again, in fact deep in all their roots, where darkness prevails, all flowers keep the LIGHT; flowers can switch places with humans. And who knows just as Oscar Wilde said – A dreamer is one who can find his way by MOONLIGHT, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. One can also FIX this transfixed world ladder by ladder because Stars are still TWINKLING & the minerals are still SHINING.

An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.


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