The Choice of Euthanasia

There are many people who are suffering from very painful diseases like cancer and other by their default births. They are living with severe pain. Some people are living because of no availability of medicines for their diseases. Some are living due to no support of financially for medicines even though there is a chance of availability of medicine for them. Then what is the solution for this problem?

The word Euthanasia came from Greece which means a good death. By euthanasia, life ends intentionally in order to relieve from pain. In medicine the first euthanasia was used by Francis Bacon in the 17th century. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, also known as Dr. Death, he was one of the first doctors to actively pursue physical Euthanasia for his patients.

The Choice of Euthanasia


2.Non Voluntary

Voluntary Euthanasia is conducted by approaching of the patient.

Non voluntary Euthanasia is conducted when the approach of the patient is unavailable. Example : Child Euthanasia

Involuntary Euthanasia is conducted against the wellness of the patient.

Debate About Right to Live vs Right to Die

Request for premature ending of life has contributed to the debate. This debate says about complex and dynamic aspects such as legal, human rights, health, religious, economic, social and cultural aspects of the civilized society.

The objective is to discuss the subject of euthanasia from the medical and human rights and the recent Supreme Court judgment.

 The Choice of Euthanasia

In India suicide and attempt to suicide are both criminal things. In 1994, the constitutional validity of Indian Penal Code Section 309 was challenged in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court declared that IPC Sec 309  under Article 21 i.e Right to Life is unconstitutional. In 1996,under IPC Sec 306 an interesting case about the commitment of suicide came to Supreme Court. The accused were convicted  first in the trial court and then the conviction was upheld by the High Court. They appealed to the Supreme Court and argued  that ‘right to die’ be included in Article 21.

Regarding suicide, the Supreme Court reconsidered its decision on suicide. Abatement of suicide (IPC Sec 306) and attempt to suicide (IPC Sec 309) are two distinct things, hence Section 306 can survive independently of Section 309. It has also clearly stated that a person in a depression who attempts suicide needs help, rather than punishment. Therefore, Parliament got a recommendation from Supreme Court to consider the feasibility of deleting Section 309 from the Indian Penal Code.

But in the case of Aruna Shanbaug, the scenario was changed.

ARUNA SHANBAUG – An End to Terminal Suffering

 The Choice of Euthanasia

Aruna Shanbaug was a former nurse in Haldipur, Uttarakhand, Karnataka in India. In 1973, at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, while working as a junior nurse she was sexually assaulted by the ward boy, Sohnal Bharatha Walmiki and had been in a vegetative state since the assault on 24th January 2011. After she had been in this state for 37 years, the supreme court of India responded to the plea for euthanasia filed by Aruna’s friend Pinki Virani who was a journalist, by setting up a medical panel to examine her. The court turned down the mercy killing petition on 7th march 2011.

       Jurisdictions where euthanasia is legal and illegal


The Pros of Euthanasia

·  An End To Suffering – Many people are suffering from dreadful diseases. Some people are in coma and take huge amounts of drugs and painkillers in order to overcome the pain. So by  the huge intake, there won’t be much change in the patient’s health condition. But due to this both family and patient are suffering financially. So euthanasia stops patient’s and family’s suffering.

· Death with Dignity – Patient’s taking bed rest for his/her disease, which would go on for a lifetime, due to this nurses and family members will have take care him/her for day to day needs. So if a patient wont like a dependable life then he can make a note to the family members before his death.

· Frees Up And Funds Equipment – For example, people who are in comas are taking a huge amount of medicines and also the hospital space for their treatment. So by opting for euthanasia, patient can opt for a peaceful death and it saves space for various hospitals.

· The Freedom Of Choice – The biggest benefit of euthanasia is simply a choice. When it matters the most, it puts people back into their own control of life. This gives people a great sense of peace and hope for their family.

The Cons of Euthanasia

  • Devalues Human Lives By euthanasia there will be a bad impact on children. That they will think human life less value.
  • Corruption Of Worst Kind – Due to euthanasia in some places doctors start saving money of treatement, even when the patient is against euthanasia.

Indian Movies On Euthanasia

The Choice of Euthanasia

In India there is also a movie based on euthanasia named as GUZARISH which was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and the story  was about Ethan, a magician.

Ethan, once a renowned magician and now a quadriplegic, petitions the court for euthanasia. When the law fails to help him, Ethan decides to garner public support through a radio show.

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