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15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Love!!! The best feeling in the world. But sometimes it’s not only love that is required in a relationship. Everyone wants a long term relationship but not everyone gets it. Love is very easy to fall in but relationship is very delicate to handle. One wrong step can break your relationship forever. Want a long term relationship?? Then you all you need to do is, having a look at the following. Hope it would help you… Good luck with your love.

1.Understand Each Other15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Understanding your partner is the best thing in the relationship. Having a strong understanding power saves a lot of arguments and mark my words, arguments are the relationship killers. So try your best to understand your partner as best you can.

2.Give Time15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

You are not Bill Gates or Obama or any scientist in NASA that you can’t take out time for your partner. It doesn’t matter how hectic your schedule was or how fucked up you are. All that matters at the end of the day is whether you tried to take out time for your partner. Your partner is your stress booster. She isn’t your boss that you would be so afraid of meeting them. May that be 30 minutes or the whole day, just try to give time to your partner, to your relationship.

3.Try To Be Fun15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Having fun with your partner is something that brings peace to your relationship and to your heart. Having fun with each other shows how badly you guys wants to be each other. Just hang out, go to parties, spend your vacations together, just have fun guys.

4.Stop Being Possessive15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Yeah you seriously need to follow this step. Being possessive is not bad but highly possessive is dangerous for your relationship. If you are possessive with your partner, jealous of his/her guy/female friends then it’s a high sign of insecurity. Don’t be insecure buddy, just love your partner.

5.Show Interest15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Always try to make their interest as your own. By such efforts you can make sure that none of you are getting bored and enjoying each other’s company. It helps in reducing the gaps between couple. It’s not like you give up your own interest but just try to show interest in their interests too.

6.Respect Each Other15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

This is the first rule of relationship. No respect, no relationship. Obviously think it yourself. If you don’t respect your partner a bit, then how the hell would she be comfortable with you? So love them or not, but always try to respect your partner.

7.Dont Public Your Issues15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

This is very important rule in relationship. Always try to keep your issues within your partner itself. It’s not all required to get the so called advice from an outsider. All they do is judging and giving such ideas which will ultimately lead to breakup. Yeah it’s true and it’s a fact. If you are so much tensed regarding your issues with your partner then try to resolve it by talking to each other but mind my words, don’t you ever dare to promote your issues publically.

8.Own Your Love15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you own your love. Always try to show them why they are the luckiest person in the world. Always try to make them feel special as if they have got the best partner in the world.

9.Embrace Them15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Embracing your partner seriously spice up your relationship.  Those cute cuddling, that goose bumps you get them your partner holds your waist, that hand holding in public, those intense kiss seriously helps a lot to strengthen your relation. Trust me it does.

10.Give Space15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Space is something that everyone needs in a relationship. You need not spy on them all the time. It’s not at all required that their life should start with you and end with you only. They have different relations too. They got friends too. So always try to give them as much space they need. Giving them freedom doesn’t mean you are losing them. You are just trying to be open minded.

11.Stand For Them15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Just make them feel that you are always them, at every situation. May that be when they are very happy or may that be when they are totally broken, just try to be their support system. This makes them feel secure and makes them understand that you wouldn’t leave them ever.

12.Dont Keep Them Hanging15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Yeah this is something every guy need to learn. Always show your genuine side. Don’t try to keep your partner hanging. Just tell the right thing that they want to listen. Don’t force them to be in a situation where they have no idea what you are up to.

13.Discuss About Your Future15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Future planning doesn’t mean you will discuss your future child’s name. It means discussing about your future goals, what you want to do in future, what is the scene of your future with your partner. Believe me, every girl loves to have such conversation. Just try it on your girl.

14.Accept Your Mistakes15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Accepting your mistake doesn’t make you a failure in a relationship, rather it shows you are courageous enough to accept your fault. Rather than being a coward and arguing, always try to accept your mistakes. Your partner appreciates your honesty.

15.Role In Bed15 Long Term Relationship Tips…#6 Is Must

Even though no one would accept it, but it’s a fact that every couple wants to have sex. But it is believed that girls specially are not comfortable in bed. So it should be a both sided decision on the bed. Don’t try to force your wants and need on your partner rather try to appreciate what they want.

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