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12 most rated romantic movies of Hollywood

Movies are never out of trend, especially when you have a partner and he is also as romantic as you are. There...

O Captain, My Captain!

What is Humor? Welcome to the century where humor is transformed to humiliation, many numbers of people tend to assume the wrong path of humor...

Top 10 Hottest And Sexiest Hollywood Celebrities

American actresses have always remained at the top following their hot and sexy figure and have left behind many because they have a fair...

Hollywood Movies That Were Inspired From Bollywood !

Well, the title might sound a bit weird, for the fact that usually the reverse is true. There are plenty of movies which originate...

Tom Cruise brings ‘The Mummy’ to life

Tom Cruise, the guy who has never failed to blow our minds is once again all set to take us on a thrilling tour...

‘Suicide Squad’ Is A Blast, on Cinemas

Ahhh, but a blast of what exactly? Suicide Squad is fun, scrambled, and contains an excellent cast. But why all the salty reviews? Why...
the purge election year

“The Purge: Election Year” A Night of legal Mayhem

The upcoming movie “The Purge: Election Year” is an action horror sequel of The Purge franchise. The film is an American social science fiction...
Independence Day  Resurgence Super Bowl Ad

The Movie Independence Day Resurgence

The most awarded movie of the year 1996 ‘Independence Day’ was always presumed to be back with a Boom. The movie Independence Day Resurgence...

The Upcoming Hollywood Move The Legend of Tarzan

  "Tarzan" the epic story of a child raised by the gorillas in a jungle, is an all time favorite childhood story. Tarzan falls in...