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Suits: The One that is Made for You!

In common spheres of life, we wear suits. Let  it be a Business meeting with corporates, In parties , in public places, and in offering last ceremonial rites in some countries, and most of all wedding ceremonies, Some say Suits are My status Quo, Some Just love the comfort that they get within, they actually feel more and more confident while they are on suits, But it has its own etiquette, Suit is generally defined as a set of garments made of same cloth consisting at least a jacket and a trouser, then we add the formal shirting !

Business Suiting: these suits are also known a Lounge suits, which originates the suit revolution, basically these suits are worn for the workplace and for informal events, here the informal events doesn’t necessarily be casual events. In Some Events the host expect men to be dressed in lounge suits especially for lunch Events, dinner parties etc,

Code/Technique: A 3-piece suit consisting of single breasted jacket, a single or double breasted waist coat or jacket,

  • While wearing a single breasted waistcoat, the bottom button is always left undone,

A 2-piece suit consisting of single breasted jacket or double breasted jacket with trouser and no waist coat, belts shouldn’t any be worn with waist coat or double breasted suit,

  • A shirt with a turndown collar shall be worn with a tie and the top button is shirt should be up

Tie-Knots: Four in hand and Half-Windsor

Non- Business Suiting: Usually these suits are made with Tweed Cloth, they are icon Traditional Irish and British Country clothing, these are worn for indoor activities like shooting and hunting, the best part here is these tweed suits can be worn with jeans

Cocktail Attires: Some events have dress code of suiting such as cocktails attires, The Cocktail attires dressing goes on like,


  • Dark to mid-grey suit, dress in white or a muted color,

Tie: Neck tie

Mostly Wear Only Black Shoe with over the calf socks

Do not wear Tuxedo, it causes overdressing!

Warning: During Weddings, leaver your pinstripe suit, flashy accessories at home, to avoid being the center of attraction, if you are not at your wedding :p

Parties :

Cocktail Parties are supposed to be relaxed Occasions, Business or lounge suits make them too formal. The best to wear during the winter is the funnel with patterns and a bow tie while  During Summer you can try lighter colors.

Suits: The One that is Made for You!

Gentleman Suiting: Well, there is no mystery in this type of suiting, But It is for gentlemen!!

The coats should fit the collar, Shoulder, and Cuff, neither gaps nor excess shirt cuff fabrics is to be seen, The Stroller jacket has to be single breasted one and peaked lapel style, with two buttons and jetted pockets, Generally, a Striped Trouser and Special Striped for Morning wears, This Outfit is commonly used for Sunday afternoons and small cocktail parties,

General Rule: The More patterns and Colors you have in your outfit(other than navy and gray) the less formal it will be, These Cocktail suites are wear in 95% of cocktail parties,

 Suits: The One that is Made for You!


These Suits are also known as Dinner suits, they are worn in semi-formal dinning events, they are typically black or midnight blue, it’s the dinner jacket, The Oscar awards is the correct place, if you wish to check out, what a tuxedo is actually, these are meant to be worn only in the evening,

General Rule; Boys below fifteen shouldn’t wear dinner jackets and below eighteen shouldn’t wear Tail Coats,

Woman’s Suiting:

Suits: The One that is Made for You!


Often called as the trouser suit, it’s a women thing, a woman’s suit of clothing consisting of trousers and a matching jacket or coat! An essential suit jacket with timeless polish is tailored from season-spanning fabric infused with supple stretch, they don’t require ties and knots, and these suits are all about power dressing leaders like Hilary Clinton are known most for pant suiting taking the stage!

Suits: The One that is Made for You!

Boss Suit:

Yeah, You read it right, These Suits are to wore by the bosses, they are Tailored for a sharp fit, a two-button jacket takes you comfortably from season to season in mélange suiting fabric infused with supple stretch and colored in rich tones. They are worn with trousers, and also with short and long skirts,

Conclusion: Let it be men or Women, Suits have their own way to express themselves, they are made with an invisible power, the power which creates status Quo, the power of confidence, and the power of self-respect!!


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