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Success Story – Disney!

“Should I do what I want to do, or should I listen to others?” For someone who dreamt big, made it true, witnessed an empire transforming world tradition, is, Mr. Walt Disney, the most creative man ever lived on this planet. Walt Disney and Roy Disney, his brother, co-founded The Walt Disney Company, now known as Disney. It was founded in the year 1923. Today, it is regarded as the largest broadcasting and second-largest cable company in terms of revenue.

Walt Disney contributed towards events in the animation industry with cartoon characters that have left a mark in all of our childhood days, that may reign forever. He is regarded as a cultural icon because of his talents – as a producer, animator, and cartoonist along with being one of the famous voice actors.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

His dedication towards his work inspired millions and today animation is regarded as a separate course by various universities. Walt Disney was a big-time theatre fan. He loved cartoons in coloring books and was a big fan of Charlie Chaplin.

While he grew up, he wanted to join the army. His age became a challenge while he interviewed for the army during the world war. Later he showed his patriotism by joining the red cross-unit. Walt Disney, a man always desiring to be an actor, who later became a character of personality.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

Initially, he started drawing political characters for newspapers. His brother, Roy o Disney helped him get through a job at the Pressmen Rubun Art Studio. There he started doing comic strips and various caricatures for movie theatres, newspapers, and magazines with his regular studio visits.

He was fortunate enough to meet ‘Ubbe Iwerks‘, an already established American animator, cartoonist and inventor of special effects. Later they together formed Iwerks Disney Commercial Artist, a company working with the same goal of creating cartoon characters and a world of delight. In spite of their dedicated efforts, the company could not survive for long.

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Initial Working

While working with Iwerks, he created his own cartoon Laugh O Grams. This cartoon character was his first success. It received appreciation from Kansas City. Later, with his appreciations flooding through, he acquired a studio and recruited his own animators. Although salaried on a low pay scale, he had to sell his camera in the year 1923 when he decided to move to Hollywood.

When nothing worked out, he resorted to form Disney Brothers Studio and partnered with Roy and his friend, cartoonist Iwerks. Mickey Mouse the famous Disney character was the first idea for Disney Brothers Studio. “Mortimer” – the first name given to his character creation.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

What made Mickey Mouse the most popular animated character was the introduction of sound. Mickey Mouse became the most loved show in no time. It became the favorite pastime for children of all ages.

The animations were brought to reality when Disney started selling dresses, toys, and caps in order to revolutionize the cartoon industry. The idea spread like wildfire. He worked on transforming a world of the cartoon into reality.

For his dream to come true, he created Disney parks and Disneyland which became the highest and the biggest success for his company. A creative person always experimenting, as today we cherish his success because of the different arts he taught us through his journey. A constant approach to work. In December 1966 Walt Disney died of cancer.


The entertainment and animation industry witnessed one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, who is also regarded as the father of Mickey Mouse, and the owner of the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland. His roots were humble and were not wearing privilege.

With hard work getting success and establishment, today The Walt Disney Company has subsidiaries and affiliates. It is also regarded as the most diversified family of entertainment media workhouse globally.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

The company has enhanced business segments and is now working towards parks, products, studio entertainment, media networks, and a direct customer basis. Apart from Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney had Alice comedies in the year 1920. Alice a little girl and Julius a cat – the life characters that helped Disney achieve success in the animation business.

Thereafter the Disney industry created famous characters like Oswald the lucky rabbit which later formed the strategy of producing all cartoon series. Disney also moved to produce feature films as Bambi, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio.

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Walt Disney’s Breakthrough Movement

Disney did not emerge overnight. It was rough. The world was going through the great war. Depression hit the country. The Paswan ribbons revenue declined in 1921. This lead to a lead of Walt Disney. His life turned upside down. Walts’s father had a factory and always desired his son to join the factory business. Of course, there was parental pressure, however, Walt chooses to find a career crossroad.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

It was unpleasant and unhappy for him to reject his father’s autonomy. To propel the little happiness he burnt the flame of desire with his creation and dedication. His unwavering attention and focussed direction acted as the inspiration tank. He sank in the dilemma of whether to follow his dream or to get back into the family business over and over again. Finally gathering some courage he started his own company “Laugh O Grams“.

Bed Of Thorns

Walt Disney’s first character, Laugh O Grams did well for some time. It survived struggle and lead Walt to become a celebrity in his own town. With gaining popularity, Walt received consecutive 6 animated show contracts from local theatres. Because the time of animation was played alongside the great war, it had to function along with his teammates without salary for a few months. He had to borrow money to pay for equipment projects and survive office. Later fate played its part. It was time for them to complete the animation of the contracts.

The distributors rejected the project rather than backed off. This left Walt in a state of devastation leading to mounts of debts. He was left dejected, stuck in the rat hole. In spite of such challenges to focus on the work, his heart-shaped brought brilliant ideas where the revolutionary change of inserting footage of the real girl in the animation was invented. This lead to the conceptualization of Alice’s Wonderland to complete such ideas.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

Walt had to borrow money again. The shooting and the animation for Alice required resources he had to stay at the office, showered at railway stations, and ate cans of beans to survive the scarcity. In spite of finishing Alice’s Wonderland project, he was not able to get a new distributor. His company went through bankruptcy and Walt had to close the company. Later, he left for Los Angeles where he wanted to publish Alice the cartoon. It reminded him of his challenges.

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When Fate Smiled

Soon after Walt Disney moved to Los Angeles, he tried to connect with movie studios and returned disheartened. On the other hand, Walt’s brother was working as a salesman. He was selling vacuum cleaners. Roy was constantly advising him to leave behind the movie business. Nevertheless, both of them thought entertainment did not have a bright future for them.

He tried to convince Walt into becoming a salesperson. Although depressed, Walt tried to find ways to achieve his goals. He continued knocking doors for new opportunities. One fine day Mrs. Winkler impressed by Walt’s work of Alice offered the contract. This contract had 6 episodes for Alice worth $1500. Finally, he thought of something that would turn big.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

He kept himself motivated. A new company with the name Disney brothers was created. Both Walt and Roy associated with Mrs. Winkler and the Winkler Studio blossomed, money flourished. They bought a new office, employed people and also built themselves spacious houses. The next character Walt steam created was Oswald the rabbit. The director of Winkler studios, Mr. Charles Bear Mintz loved Oswald. They kept moving with the flow without looking back. The signs of failure were to only make them oblivious. Walt did not want to give up on the creative sides and the excited state of mind he had while he worked with cartoons.

Behind The Back

While working with Winkler studios, Walt was suddenly made aware of the illegal acts carried out with most of the employees. Mintz employed most of the members illegally. He was planning to release new episodes using Walt’s ideas without his help. Soon with all the atrociousness, Walt lost the rights of Oswald and Alice’s characters. He was shaken and perturbed.

He went back to the dead thoughts of his father’s failures. With the failure in the family business, his father got into a big depression. Walt had always dreamt of a life where his father’s parts won’t meet his. He regarded the inner tension as an indispensable prerequisite to keep mental health proper.

When you are in tension, the panic helps you achieve what is still to become yours. Walt hat had learned the theory of inner equilibrium. He focussed on attention than the equilibrium state to strive for his goal. His reaction towards the injustice channeled immense energy and finally, the Mickey Mouse character was born.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

Well you know you can obviously take work from talent but you cannot take out talent from work. From each of his unhappy moments, Walt found himself up the unforeseen circumstances. Grew his in strength and let him stretch. He thought to distract himself with better work then ruminating about the terrible things he had to go through.

Back On Track

With the fund, he secured and the resources still willing to work with him, Walt made a few Mickey Mouse episodes with failure crossing path every now and then.

The legendary outcome could not capture the eye of a promising distributor. Perhaps, he realized that something better was yet to be done. He wanted to bring out something that no other animation company could ever foresee.

His contemplation is given the idea to add sound to his character. The advanced technology he brought to the industry, although expensive, gained immense popularity. At that time no one could not think of something this groundbreaking.

He tried synchronizing his characters with music and then with further with sound integration. Every character was given a particular voice. Even after serving promising ideas, no distributor was ready to work with him. He got back to the idea of running his shows in local theatres.

His work was breathtakingly beautiful and the crowd was captivated by the animation along with sounds action and gags. The public there, requested the theatre owners to rerun the show. It became a massive hit. Soon he became a Hollywood celebrity and his company grew in no time.

Turmoil To Turnover

With his personal life taking a toll, Walt and his wife Lillian had a miscarriage. He went through depression, almost surviving on a nervous breakdown. Alongside on the business front, he lost money while making silly symphonies – a series.

His rival studios employed the reliable and trusted manpower he had. Another phase of unhappy moments but we know Walt knew how to distract himself. He then threw himself into work and improved his situation.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

The range of formulaic cartoon series was not working any further. Even his enthusiasm was bored to see himself out of creativities. The new adventure he was craving for, he tried tossing new ways, and then finally the idea boomed like thunder.

Soon he started discussing the idea of a full-length animated feature film. With his employees and colleagues, he tried to showcase the impulse unaided form of all the characters and acted like animals. Prior to this, a feature film with such creativity ceased to exist.

Bankruptcy was the other issue bothering his output. Bankers were hesitant to lend money but Walt focussed and began shooting the film “snow white and seven dwarfs”.

No mercy

When Walt reached 50, there was a crisis again. While he was into preparing Pinnochio, fantasyland, and Bambi, it was the world war being the biggest challenge. He had more than 1000 people employed and invested a huge sum in buying a 51-acre field to build his dream studio.

This company ran through a precarious situation where one of his movies was criticized for racial abuse and slavery. He had to strike off employees who stood against him and left him dispirited. He tried to throw himself into work again but movies had already outlasted he felt is energy-draining, afraid to achieve the impossible.

The next he resorted to the plan of Disneyland. He went on a small vacation to railroad convention. The trip transformed his ideas and he started building toy trains, cars, and rail racks with his own hands. His ideas took the complex shape and Disneyland was the new creative sport.

He tried putting people in his fantasy world, a world full of castles, landscapes, and movie-like sites. His brother did not support him. He pushed the idea stronger and Disneyland marked the beginning of a new chapter. Despite every pitfall, trauma, and the barbaric situations he changed his faith and made each one of them a stepping stone to a bright future. Walt mastered the degree of unhappiness in life, yet graduated with a positive signal to change the course of it.

Walt Disney – The Man Who Taught Us Through Comic

Dare to dream make a difference. Your creative power can bring you success. The delightful things and boundless dreams are the ones to create the power. You simply take in hard work and give your commitment to decide your future Well it’s important to overlook money if you have to choose people’s lives at stake.

Success Story - Disney!
Success Story - Disney!

Disneyland is Walt’s love. He pursued unhappiness in all his years of hard work. With his work, he was passionate enough to make people feel real without being sitting at the theatre chairs and rolling ions on cinema screens.

Get started, begin doing, and quit taking. In order to be creative, show less. It will help you arrive at a decision. Today, there is no award show missing an opportunity to celebrate what Disney has given to the entertainment industry.

Your jaws are open, knock them correct.

Your curiosity will lead to new path develop a tolerance for risk.

The first success is not a success. Settling after a single accomplishment leads to boredom. Try working on another project and improve the current one.

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