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Singapore – A country with discipline

Singapore, well known for its cleanliness is one of the must-visit places in any traveler’s bucket list. It also has the two most expensive buildings of the three in the world, a museum which looks like a split banana and a concert hall designed like a durian. Its Airport is the world’s best airport which has a swimming pool, movie theater and many other interesting things to go for when your flight is delayed. You never have to feel so cold and cover yourself with super warm winter clothing, the temperature there never falls below 23 degrees and almost remains 32 degrees. Singapore is also a home for the world’s highest rooftop pool. Like these, there are many more things to know about Singapore and ts laws!

Besides all these lovable things there is also something which you need to think about when stepping into the world of sanitation, Singapore. That is the strict rules which can empty your pocket with fine. But yes, these rules are the foundation for the name it has got.  The government of Singapore should be much appreciated for such a result oriented step it has took which made them and the country stand out of the crowd.

  1. Discipline:

It is much valued and followed by then people over there. It is given very much importance and children can even be punished legally with canes for any type of chaos they are responsible for.

  1. Chewing gum:

It is banned in Singapore since 1992. Importation of chewing gums, chewing them or improper disposal of gum can fine you with much greater amounts.

  1. Singing:

It is illegal to sing or utter any obscene song inn public. You will punished with fine or imprisonment if you are caught breaking this law.

  1. Smoking:

Smoking in public places, vehicles and certain areas in Singapore is illegal and can make you fall in trouble.  This helps the public from the effects of smoking and pollution.

  1. Not flushing the Toilet:

It is unlawful not to flush a toilet. You shouldn’t even urinate in elevators, they are equipped with urine detection devices and you can be easily caught if you break this law.

  1. Vandalism:

Damaging, destroying, painting, scribbling or stealing public property is a big offense in Singapore. You will be fined and even jailed if they find you breaking this rule.

These are some of the laws which can drag you into trouble. The other laws include Homo sexuality, intake of drugs, being naked, littering, spitting in public, feeding pigeons, connecting to other persons Wi-Fi and Jaywalking (illegal crossing of roads) etc.… All these laws are to safeguard the country and people. The discipline and sanitation the country is the reason for low crime rate and its fame. So this would be the best place to stay with discipline if you are aware of these rules. Hope this will help you!!

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