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Simple ways to make you better Person

Are you a good person ? If some one ask you this question, the answer to this question would almost be a ‘Yes’. What if same question to your friend. Do you think he also given you a ‘Yes’. A persons nature depends on the way he behaves in different situations. Irrespective of any situations in order to become a better person you need to have few qualities.

Try Something New and Repeat

Curiosity is the mother of Invention. Be curious to try new things in life. Your quest to become a better person is to accomplish a new task evert time. Never restrict yourself. Try out of the box. Try something new, something crazy and something funny. Basically, If you want you to live a little the one thing we forget to do in life is live. And you don’t want to miss out on it. Spend a couple of moments with a friend or loved one, who knows they don’t have much time left, and you’ll realize there is so much you want to have done when your time comes. The last thing any of us needs when we die is a heap of regrets over what might have been.



A human’s capacity for intolerance and hate is probably the weirdest and most useless quality. If you can name a thing, you can probably find someone who definitely hates it. But has hate ever really served you well in life? Being hateful and angry all the time is not going to benefit you at all. In fact there is an evidence that it’s physically harmful. Accept the truth, understand people. The best thing you can do for yourself to be better; to be more well-liked; and, as it happens, to be healthier, is just roll with shit. Roll with it. Just imagine if all or even any of the racists in the world took the time to ask themselves what the big deal is and then just stopped everything. Wouldn’t everything be just so much more peaceful for everyone? More relaxing?


Prepare to say Yes

Maybe this is my own personal handicap, but I can get in negative ruts sometimes that manifest themselves powerfully through the word no. No matter what the situation is people tend to have a ready answer ‘No’. Why would I ever do that? Why would you do? Sometimes saying no is a product of wallowing in one’s own misery. It really involves a fundamental change in how you approach the life. You say no to so many things, because you want to. At this point you ask yourself things like What is harm in saying yes? or What has saying no ever got me? It’s not what you say yes to that matters, what matters is that you let go of the habit of don’t want to change things. That makes you dynamic and flexible and an assorted other words.



What is the best way to be better? Learn better. “The only true wisdom is to know that you knew nothing. This means more or less you will never know everything, and being aware that you don’t know everything is a good thing. Start from a position of realizing you know jack, and that leaves a lot of room to learn new stuff in your life. That makes you a wiser, more-rounded person, and that’s alright. While most of us can’t wait to get the out of school and start a sweet life. While school wants you to learn terrible things like how to make change with an abacus. There’s no downside to learning, unless you’re just looking into more efficient ways to dispose. Face it, learning is aces. Go learn.



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