Shimla: The Queen of Hill Stations

In the tormenting extremum of summer, visiting a hill station is believed to be one of the most soothing ideas. A hill station is a kind of shrine of sheer beauty. It’s a gift of God and nature that plays a phenomenal role in providing some relief to those well – racked with the mundaneness of life.

In the ancient times, hill stations were believed to be God’s abode. That’s why there exist numerous temples and other religious places in every hill station. To rejuvenate a soul, there can’t be anything better than spiritual healing; as hill stations are full of numerous temples, so they are full of spiritual spell. So, this proves that visiting a hill station is a kind of spiritual healing session. But as there exist numerous hill stations, so one often confuses that which hill station one should visit. Well, to make your task to choose a perfect hill station for your holidays a bit easier, let me tell you about a pluperfect hill station. In this article, I’m going to talk about the queen of hill stations, i.e., Shimla.

About Shimla

Shimla, believe me, is a wondrous destination for all those seeking some comfort and peace of mind. Not only Shimla is aesthetically pleasing, but it is full of the divine aura that sucks out all the blueness and blackness of souls. Shimla is the heart and soul of Himachal Pradesh, which is well – known as Shiv Bhoomi (Lord Shiva’s abode) and Dev Bhoomi (the dwelling of God). Being the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla grabs the attention of all those interested in visiting the pious Dev Bhoomi. People often believe that hill stations are all about hills and beauty; but this is not the case with Shimla. Shimla is a well – developed cum the largest city of Himachal Pradesh. Apart from the scintillating scenery of nature, it has myriad attention – worthy spots. So, let’s shed some light on some of the must visit places of Shimla.

Must Visit Places in Shimla

Given below is a description of some top popular places of Shimla that are considered to be in the category of “must visit” places in Shimla:

The Mall:

The Mall Road of Shimla, also known as The Mall, is the heart of Shimla. One’s soulful journey to Shimla is never complete until and unless one visits The Mall. The Mall connects with numerous important places of Shimla, including The Ridge, Town Hall, Gaiety Theater, and Kali Bari Temple, among others. Furthermore, it enwraps a plethora of delightful restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars. Apart from this, one can find several departmental stores, showrooms, Himachal emporium, post offices, hotels, banks and tourist offices on The Mall. So, The Mall is indeed a perfect hangout spot of Shimla.

The Ridge:

If you love natural scenery, then The Ridge in Shimla is certainly a “must visit” for you. It is counted among the most spectacular hill – top locations that amass the attention of all their visitors. The Christ Church and the gothic buildings of the Ridge beguile all those visiting it. The Ridge is very close to The Mall. It links with the famous Wood Market (Lakkar Bazaar), the heavenly Jakhoo Hill, and the Kali Bari Temple, among others.

A tip for y’all from my side: If you are going to visit The Ridge, then do wait for the sunset. Gosh! It’s gonna be one of the most sublime experiences of yours. The sunset at The Ridge is a sheer eye – soother. Just have a glimpse of it; I’m sure you won’t be able to forget its beauty for the rest of your life.

Wood Market:

Wood Market, commonly well – known as Lakkar Bazaar, is a highly crowd – pleasing place of Shimla. The ones visiting Shimla usually visit Wood Market for sure, as it’s full of uncommon wood things that are rarely available anywhere else. One can find a myriad of such wooden items in Shimla’s wood market that have the words, “Gift of Shimla” imprinted on them. This is what makes the items more valuable and memorable.

Jakhoo Temple:

The famous Jakhoo Temple of Shimla is located at the top of the beautiful Jakhoo Hill. It is an ancient temple of Lord Hanuman. There exist some mythological beliefs attached to the temple. It is believed that Lord Hanuman rested on the top of the Jakhoo Hill when he was flying to the Sanjeevani hills to get the Sanjeevani Booti to save Lord Lakshmana’s life. That’s why it is believed to be a highly significant Lord Hanuman’s temple. Apart from this, Jakhoo Temple is considered to be world’s highest Hanuman temple as it is having a 108 ft. tall statue of Lord Hanuman. This is what makes people from all over the world visit the giant statue to seek the deity’s blessings.

Kali Bari Temple:

The Kali Bari Temple is located in the Jakhoo Hill of Shimla. It is a famous temple of Goddess Kali, also known as Goddess Shyamala. The name of the city ‘Shimla’ is derived from the name of Goddess Shyamala. This fact elevates the significance of the temple to a great extent. Many people visiting the temple prefer meditating and chanting within the temple’s premises as they believe that the Goddess bestows divine powers on doing so, which eventually helps people in fighting with the evils. Every year at the time of Navratri, a huge number of devotees visit the Kali Bari Temple to offer their prayers to impress the Goddess.

Well, I hope this much discussion on Shimla is enough to attract you towards this gorgeous hill station. So, what are you waiting for?! Go and start planning your vacation to Shimla! Good luck 🙂  

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