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Who Says Long-Distance Friendships Don’t Last?

Friends are truly a blessing in our lives. They are the perfect creations of God who is practically our soul mate. Except maybe the ‘in love with them’ part but you totally love them no matter what. But some of us are unlucky when that twin best friend of ours moves away to an entirely different continent. To think that there are oceans separating the pair of us is the despicable diabolical plan of a super-power. But that is when the force of friendship kicks in, we rage against the storms with limitless phone calls and text messages. Catching up with each other’s lives becomes a top priority once a week or once in two weeks when stuck in time crunches.

The most lovable part about a long-distance friendship is that you get to pick up from where you left off. There is absolutely no hesitation or embarrassing silences. You can chat about anything and everything under the sun. Be it a Game of Thrones meme or an incident that occurred on a T.V show. Addressing each other with expletives is a given as both the parties assume it as nothing but an expression of love. Also, it depicts the level of comfort and the right amount of trust you have in each other. There are no qualms about video-chatting considering the state of your hair at two am in the morning. Since that friend is special, they get to see all sides of you and they would do just the same.

Ever thought about those random texts you can send that one friend who knows your devious mind all too well? How can you not cherish that kind of relationship? Long distance friendships are tedious and we are constantly put down because of it. Although we hardly ponder about how those friendships that last long when a geographical barrier pops up in between. Who can guarantee that we stay true to this friendship?

There is a vibe of negativity that steps into this long-distance friendship. One thing that we need to come to terms with is that any relationship requires an effort. Giving attention to the person in question is of utmost importance. Four am friends don’t sprout overnight because relationships like that require trust. It demands time and mutual coalition. As miraculous as it may seem when you count the several years of your friendship, it just shows how much you care.

Long-distance friends are the people who choose to stick with us through thick and thin. Listening to our unrestrained rants and attempting to offer practical solutions, not for the sake of it but genuinely so. And we respond by religiously spending time with them, through a virtual medium at the least. Aspire to have that kind of friendship because when you two meet, there will be nothing stopping the two of you. Because a geographical barrier is just another line you strive to cross.

Friendships like that simply should last a lifetime.

Aaliya Thahseen
Aaliya Thahseen
Indomitable poetess, fervent writer and an unremitting rambler.


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