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S for Soldier and S for Sacrifice

It was a just a day of happiness, when the nurse came to the father and said it’s a boy! , he was happy like ever! All tears were shedding from the mother’s eye, she knew the pain like no one did! 9 months of pain, she has taken care of herself, along with the kid, His father was farmer , he was feeling proud, now he could say to the world that, he is my son! It was a life changing event for the couple, though the father could earn sufficient wages to feed them all, he always wanted to think for the future, especially about the kid’s future.

The kid was ten now, he told his dad that he wanted to be a fighter, and his dad said, “Yes! You can become one!” The father thought the kid was just kidding, but the kid wasn’t he was damn sure, that he wanted to be fighter, he became even more ambitious when he saw the armies were fighting to  protect  the country, and risking  their lives, leaving everything behind. The kid always knew that he was going to be a fighter and he would do everything it takes to protect the country!

Now he was turned eighteen and was married early, his father was happy for a fact that his son could continue agriculture from now, and he could just retire, but it didn’t turned out well, the kid who wanted to follow his dreams , stood for it, he tried his best, he cleared his military exams  and was now ready for training, his father was upset, and mom’s health was deteriorating, the son had two options, 1) whether to go back and finish his training and come back and handle life’s issues, or 2) stay in home and take care of his mom and leave military, but what did he decide? He decided to choose country over family, and he completed his training and  soon things started to getting better but, his mom’s health was critical , she was in her last days, the boy’s heart was pierced, he blamed himself for his mom’s health, he went back home to be with her in her last days, his Mom told him, she was proud of him and she passed away next day.

The boy was upset since he couldn’t be with her all time, he was ashamed, there was some guilt building inside him, he wanted to relieve it, and went back to work, and  a war breaks down,  it was his chance to release all the pressure and just let it go!! His father was happy that his son was fighting for the country, his mother would have been very happy, if she knew where her son was, the war started, they were fierce battles, helicopter bombing, canons, firing and irresistible war situations, sleepless nights, it was just his chance, to breakdown all the pressure he had been in his life, and yes he did, but at what cost ? He lost his life! And came home in a coffin box,  His dad’s mind went blank, he didn’t know what to do. His wife was crying over the coffin of her husband, just years back she lost her mother in law, now she lost her husband, leaving behind a son who didn’t even understand what happened to his father!

The boy who wanted to follow his dreams was no more, his dreams made his life, a dream in others’ life, he risked all his life, just for a taste of patriotism , he left in his family, life and  all that he could sacrifice just  for the country, his body was covered in the country’s flag, which made his soul peaceful, he had many options  to chose any white collar job, but he didn’t wanted to work under someone for money, he wanted to make a difference, he wanted to prove that he was born for something ! Like every wife, his wife was upset, she didn’t want her husband to lose his life, what will happen about future of their kids? Who will be there to see them grow? What will she tell to his son, if he asks about his father? It was a just decision that he took, to serve the country, despite having personal problems, he want to do something different,  he wanted himself to serve the  nation, yet his family wasn’t important to him than that of country, he gave hands up to the country and left his family behind, but what was the cost of his sacrifice?  Couldn’t he live a normal life? Working for hours for some money, some one who  just keeps on bossing, some one who pressures beyond the normality, some who puts force to achieve the target, he could just work, sleep work and die!

But  he didn’t to work for one’s benefit i.e corporates, he wanted to work for country, he wanted to live all his life for the country, his Heart didn’t pumped blood, it pumped the patriotism towards his country, all it said was to Make the sacrifice and then he followed his dreams, didn’t care about the society with the ideal of life, work, doe! He wanted to live for a reason, and he did, he made a great sacrifice, sacrificing his life, family just for the country, he was a leader who was born, after all this, what did he get? Only one thing that his life didn’t went waste! He made it worthy to protect the nation and his soul rested in peace.




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