Mother is a sea of sacrifice


Her happiness matters to me

She is a sea of sacrifice

The strong one forever she remains

Nature named her “Mother”


Who is a ‘Mother’ ?

The one who struggles to keep you happy always?A human form of God who gave you birth?

The one who never says a No to anything you ask for?

The one who never expects anything in return from you?

She is even beyond all these.

“Mother is not just a person; she is a sea; a sea of emotions, sea of love, sea of care. I would say a Mother is a sea of sacrifice.”

A Mother is someone who took a 10 months long struggle to hear me cry for the first time.

Mother is someone who stood by me during my hard times and easy times.

Mother is someone who keeps her daughter happy. She is someone who would undergo any pain to keep her happy.

Mother you are a sea of sacrifice, you sacrifice everything for family, for me and yet you never give up on life for it giving you a tough time to cope with. You are life, a motivation, you indirectly teach me to keep family happy setting aside your own happiness. Mom you always indirectly tell “my happiness lies in all you family’s happiness”.

You work all day, at times you even work at midnight spending time on the laptop screen, I ask you why do you have to work so late straining yourself, and answer “to keep the family running, to educate you”.

Mom, though you teach me ‘family first’ how I hate you not take care of yourself but everyone around you.

I might have failed to be your daughter, but you have passed with flying colours being a ‘mother’. I am a proud daughter, because being a mom is not an easy job; and I salute you for that. I can never repay you for everything you did throughout this 21 years of life.

I would like to tell the whole world “My mother may not be the best in this world; but she is definitely the best I have ever known”.

I wish to be my mother’s daughter every time I reincarnate, I cannot afford to lose my mother at any point of my life. With this I promise to spend quality time with you.

So Mother, I propose to you

Will you be ‘my mother’ forever?

Say yes!! Yes!

I love you.

If any mother is reading this, thank you for being by your child throughout and prioritising family over yourself. If any Son/daughter is reading this, you definitely know what I meant throughout.


Aishwarya achu
Aishwarya achu
I am aishwarya hailing from Bangalore , with a never ending love for blogging and reading , you can always find me with a book wherever i go . My hobbies include reading, blogging, crafts and jewellery making.

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