From selling kundan jewellery on the streets, to becoming one of the highest tax paying members of this country,  he certainly has come a long way.

He started of as a nobody, and today the who’s who of the industry would kill to work with him.

It has been an exhausting, yet eventful journey one would say,

So here’s looking at the life story of the man who’s beaten all odds to achieve what he has, here’s looking into the transformation from black belt bhatia to superstar akshay Kumar.


THE REAL AND REEL SUPERSTAR, AKSHAY KUMARRajiv Hari om bhatia was born on 9 Sept. He was born in Amritsar, he lived and grew up in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk and later he moved to Mumbai where he lived in Koliwada, He received his school education from Don Bosco School and enrolled in Mumbai’s Guru Nanak Khalsa College for higher education. Self admittedly, he had no interest or flair in studies and he soon dropped out after and went to Bangkok to learn martial arts.

In Bangkok he did a lot of modest jobs to make a living. He was a chef in a hotel, and he did street fights which he often won. Upon his return to Mumbai, he commenced the teaching of martial arts.


THE REAL AND REEL SUPERSTAR, AKSHAY KUMAROne of his students, an aspiring photographer, recommended Kumar into modelling which ultimately led to a modelling assignment. He effectively made more money within the first two days of shooting, in comparison to his entire months salary, and therefore chose a modelling career path.

He had a modeling shoot in bangalore one day and unfortunately he ended up missing the flight due to his misconception that the flight was at 6p.m. rather than 6 a.m

He who proudly called himself a punctual man of nothing else was very dejected. He was walking deplorably when someone came up to him asking if he’d want to be an actor. So he showed the guy his portfolio and was taken to anyone office. Call it destiny, but the clock was striking 6 IN the evening when Akshay Kumar was signed for a lead role by producer Pramod Chakravarthy for the movie Deedar.


THE REAL AND REEL SUPERSTAR, AKSHAY KUMAREven after getting the movie contract it wasn’t all easy for akshay, he surely became Bollywood’s new stuntman but he was yet to establish himself as a successful mainstream actor. That became even more difficult when he went through fourteen flops together.

Soon, he married twinkle khanna , who changed his luck as he says.

He went on to have a successful run at the movies soon after. In 2000 he did Hera pheri which was hugely applauded by the audience and the critics and in 2004 he did khakhee.

2007 proved to be akshay Kumar’s most successful year during his career in the industry, and as described by box office analysts, “probably the best ever recorded by an actor, with four outright hits and no flops.”


he’s been on an climbing chart ever since. He’s one of the only actors who manages to do four movies a year and yet manage his wife and two kids very well. He’s a family man who doesnt like to party,  and his timings are the talk of the town.

He’s made amazing movie choices in the last few years,  ranging from comedies like house full 3 to serious cinema like holiday and movies based in real life incidents like baby to mind boggling movies like special 26.

He’s definitely established himself as one of the biggest stars this country has ever seen and that’s why I say  that he’s a survivor superstar and he’s definitely had a roller coaster ride in the movies but always emerged victorious.

He has impeccable comic timing,  and superstar screen presence on celluloid, here’s an ode to the life journey of none other than the man of the millions,  and apparently with the millions, Akshay Kumar.


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