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Protein Powder- What should you know & their Health Benefits

In the majority of cases, the food that we consume does not always contain the adequate amount of protein needed for our body to function and prosper. When we consume excessive amounts of natural protein, we consume fat, & carbohydrates along with it which may take us a few steps back from our goal rather than taking us forward. This is when Protein powder comes into the picture.

Combining your diet with protein supplements like protein powder ensures that you feel fuller for a longer period. This results in eating smaller portions of frequent meals that help you lose the weight we have been meaning to shed. There is a list of benefits you can unlock by combining protein powder into your dietary habits. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of protein powder.

Recovery After Exercise

Strenuous exercise can damage muscle or connective tissues. Since their body is constantly repairing, you need to take Protein supplements to cope up with the lost tissues. The requirement of the protein can be twice more than an average person, creating a definite lag in the body. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian by any chance, protein powders might be one of the easiest solutions you can go for to make up for the deficiency in your body. Protein powder is also an isolated nutrient source that gives the body added nutritional benefits in exchange for minimal calories. This catalyzes the benefits of exercise by many folds.

Muscle Growth

Protein is an essential part of the human body that helps build muscles, carry oxygen, and create strong immunity. Protein is made of small blocks called amino acids which range up to 20 different kinds. 9 of these amino acids are not produced in our bodies. This is where protein-rich food sources, protein powder etc. come into role. On average we need 0.8 g of protein per kg of our body weight. For people who are trying to build muscles, you would need at least 2.2g per kg of your body weight, which becomes difficult to attain with just protein-rich foods. So in addition to high protein food, you would need protein powder to make up the deficit. Whey Protein contains all 9 amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own. This makes whey protein an important dietary source for anyone trying to build muscles.

Weight Loss

Protein powder is one of those key factors that can help weight loss. Adequate amounts of protein not only support the body to repair, but also helps in reducing weight by decreasing the appetite subsequently. Many of the weight loss programs that claim to decrease your body weight by keeping your diet in check, might only be advocating muscle loss and not fat loss. Losing muscle will make you weak and may also adversely affect your health since protein is an essential part of the body. High fat and low protein bodies are more at risk for heart diseases or diabetes. Whereas if your muscle weight remains intact, it will provide you with the adequate energy to shed some extra pounds. Thus protein powder can be a crucial aid that can help the body with fat loss, keeping the muscles intact.

Immunity System

Inadequate protein in our body can lead to a weaker immune system that can retard the process of our recovery during an illness. The necessity to implement dietary protein in our daily life becomes more crucial because of the declining anabolic response that hampers the protein synthesis in our bodies. It is to be noted that when a higher dosage of protein is absorbed by the body, it helps with inflammation and catabolic conditions, which is a response to acute and chronic diseases, like malnutrition, virus infections, physical inactivity & more. The nutritional guidelines also suggest that patients with coronavirus take 150-200g of protein the entire day for a faster healing process.

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Improves Hair, Skin, And Nails

Our skin is made up of a protein called Collagen that constitutes about 70% of our skin’s components. It is also present in our connective tissues that aid in better flexibility and movements in our body. The production of collagen keeps decreasing in our bodies with age. By the age of 30, the collagen stored in our body starts to fall drastically, which calls for a protein supplement to prevent premature wrinkles, good quality hair and more. Split nails, puffy eyes are some of the prominent signs of protein deficiency that can be taken care of by implementing protein powders in our dietary plans.

It is an absolute myth that only people who regularly go to the gym, or athletes who only consume protein powder on a regular basis. There are a lot of less-known advantages of protein powder that can benefit every individual every day.

Jennifer Walker
Jennifer Walker
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