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Poor also Want Respect

Why do rich and middle class people hate poor? We all are created by same source, but what makes us different each other. Some people say that what we can do for them; they are in this condition due to their mistake!

On the contrary, people hand-out to beggars, like this people promote beggary.

Poor also Want RespectWhom will you select?

Beggars, who fulfil their need by beg or poor, who are continuously making effort to get out of poverty, who earns money after doing work.

Today beggary becomes a business. If a child born in poor family, then what is his fault?

Poor child start to watch dream about their future as he would like become engineer, doctor etc. But when he/she steps at teen age, then he starts to feel,“I will not be able to become something due to lack of money.”

Poor also Want RespectIt is often happened, poor students who belongs to general quota could not get admission due to money problem. Some students apply for loan, but who are deprived from education loan is more rather than who get education loan.

Now, how a poor remove poverty from his family. He is compelled to do job after completing school for fulfilling basic need.

Poor also Want RespectPoor can be a driver, conductor, painter, carpenter, mechanic or something else.People boycott them, but do you know, a lady said about a driver of public bus that he denied her to sit near by him. Some said keep away from poor, they are criminals. Not all poor are criminal; criminal can be anyone whether poor or rich.

People say that they have no etiquettes and manners.

Poor also Want RespectThink at least one moment a poor does not have money, who always to think about money, inflation, then how would he think about other matter.

Do not boycott, help them to earn money rightly.


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