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Ozark Season 4: Is this the last season? What can we expect?

If you are a fan of crime thriller then go no far as Ozark is back with its another stimulating season. Created by Bill Dubuque Ozark is an American web series specially created for Netflix. The first season was premiered on July 27, 2017, which gathered a lot of eyes, followed by a second season on August 31, 2018, and after a year gap, the third season was dropped on Netflix.

Ozark: Plot Details

Ozark follows the story of a married couple who just moved into a new town, Ozark after an illegal practice. He is now all set to produce even a bigger money laundering to the lakes of Ozark. Soon after shifting their place they realized living here will not be easy as they got messed with the criminals, the Langmore and Snell families, and Kansas City Mafia. The story reflects their struggles to survive and live a luxurious life.

The filming of the series took place around the lake of Ozark. However, Not all the episodes are filmed there. Much of the shooting is done in Georgia and Atlanta.

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What happened in the previous season?

Ozark season 3 began with crime boss Omar Navarro who held Marty Bryde captive. His wife Wendy was also not in a pleasant situation as she was forced to take actions against her own brother in order to save her family from unspeakable pain.

Ozark Season 4: Is this the last season? What can we expect?
The above image is featuring Laura and Jason Bateman

On the other hand, Ruth is done working for Brydes as her past experiences of ignoring her gut feeling doing Brydes family’s bidding were awful, and now she is determined to seclude from the diplomatic family. At the end of the season, we saw Ruth teaming up with Darlene. Moreover, she accepts the deal with KC Mob, after cutting off all the ties with the Brydes.

Ozark Season 4: Renewal status of season 4?

For this section, we have good and bad news for you guys. The good news is that the series is renewed for another season and the bad news is that is will be the final season of the crime thriller series, Ozark.

While the whole online market was busy predicting the future of Ozark., Netflix dropped the announcement that the series is renewed for the fourth and final season. The season will have ten episodes, like the other previous seasons.

Ozark Season 4: Is this the last season? What can we expect?
Ozark Season 4: Is this the last season? What can we expect?

When is the last season set to air?

While Netflix has confirmed that Ozark will be back for the fourth and final season, it hasn’t yet confirmed when will that be. However, the government has allowed for filming, taking all the precautions.

There is a large set of possibilities that if the shooting of the season begins somewhere in August 2020, we will be able to watch the last season sometime in October 2021. We will fill you in with the exact dates whenever any further information pops.

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Ozark Season 4: Who will star?

Ozark Season 4: Is this the last season? What can we expect?
The star cast of Ozark
  • Jason Bateman as Martin or Marty Byrde
  • Laura as Marty’s wife Wendy
  • Sofia Hublitz as daughter Charlotte
  • Skylar Gaertner as son Jonah

Other cast members might include:

  • Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore,
  • Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell,
  • Charlie Tahan as Wyatt Langmore
  • Omar Navarro (Felix Solis)
  • Joseph Sikora as Frank Cosgrove Jr
  • John Bedford Lloyd as head of the Kansas City mob
  • Darren Goldstein as Charles Wilkes.

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Ozark Season 4: What can we expect from the next season?

In the end of season 3, we saw some unlikely alliance of Marty and Wendy Bryde with crime boss Omar Navarro as he declared that this is just the beginning of their bonds for the common goal and there is much to come. The Brydes then work with FBI to take down the rival Lagunas cartel, their act win the trust of Omar.

We can witness a lot of hard choices made by the characters for what they call ‘greater good.’ We can expect Wendy to make a decision to let his brother, Ben die, which will affect her entire family, especially Jonah, who seemed to be close with him.

Ozark Season 4: Is this the last season? What can we expect?
The above image is featuring Julia Garner as Ruth

After the death of Ben, Ruth distanced herself from the Brydes family. Her loyalties have been seen to compromise in the last season when she joins with Darlene. Now only season 4 will tell what ruth has in it for Brydes and how it will affect them.

As problems in Wendy and Marty doesn’t seem to end for a while with many many dangerous names in the town who want them dead already, it will excite the fans to watch how the duo will come out of all of this mess alive.

It looks like a lot is going to happen in the last ten episodes of the series. We will be back with another exciting updates till then Stay Safe and Stay Tuned!

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