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An Open Letter To Your 15-Year Old Self

Hi Beautiful,

No! Wipe them off, you are not so weak to cry over these small things. Okay! It happens, you didn’t studied for your comparative examinations, doesn’t mean you will not work hard for your Board Exams. Stop letting this negativity overpower you and God! Please don’t allow your inner strength  to shatter. Do not listen to people who demoralise you, do not listen to them who say you have no worth and you won’t be able to achieve anything in life. It was just an exam, you didn’t  studied for it, so did you got the result. Everyone gets  the output according to the input given by them my Dear! If you expect that you will not prepare for the exams and one day, you will be blessed  with THE SUPREME POWER to be the Topper…then my Lady, step out of your fairyland!! It’s the AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP formula !! It’s just a matter of just few months…this pain of hardwork is temporary, but the glory shall reside  with you forever .

Okay…try to control your emotions, you will grow and learn so much from this. Don’t look back for the time you have till now, but be calculative about the time you have with you to adorn your future and translate it into a bright, shining and a radiant one. Ajay sir scolded you for your betterment  and furtherance. Accept it as a blessing in disguise my love, he compared you with Shreya and praised her just because of the decent marks she obtained , he is unaware of your animosity with her and it was just a matter of coincidence and nothing else, definitely it was not intentional to compare you with your biggest enemy and let you down. He may eulogise you tomorrow for your great academic performance. It is just that Ajay Sir see the potential in you and thinks that you are capable enough to score more.

Chemistry is mess!! It’s is a world known fact but you have to pass it, you are left with no other choice. But, believe me Sweetheart! You will pass it  with glorious and spectacular marks and will forget that you ever took it. You will look back to it and say,” Pheww!! It’s finally over …” with a smile. School is very important it teaches you time management and respect  for yourself as a student who earns their own grades. The daily hard work  for the subject will suck at you present, but will bring a twinkle at your face when you see your mark sheet.

Love yourself! Listen to your Grand-mom when she says , you are unique…. she is right. You have special power that keeps your head high every single day as you have been through so much. “I am dumb, I am ugly !”- No, you are not !! Stop worrying  about your damn appearance and start focussing on the process of your betterment. The fight that you had with mom last night about your dirty room will not mean anything and will be one of the many, bit it’s okay. it is not the end of the world that you guys argue about everything, you are just 15 right now and shall be mature day by day. You want a lavish and luxurious life ahead, and you have to work upon it to make those fantasies real.

These arguments with your friends need a HALT !! A year from now Riya won’t remember what Manya said about her boyfriend. The catty fights are seriously not worth your time, I promise. Your friends are there for reason…a temporary reason. You will have fun with them, love them , but do not be hurt when they leave. You met so many of them before too, you thought you will be friends forever but it didn’t happened. So many people come and go, and they play a temporary role in your life, you meet everyone in life for a purpose, when that purpose is fulfilled there is a departure. You shall meet people that might reappear years from now, just wait.

God gave you this body, life, family, friends and this fact moment for a reason. Let the world guide you and just flow with it. You will everyday learn from these sweet and sour experiences and will grow up to be so strong and wise. You have too much potential to get down yourself.

Trust yourself, trust your tuition, Relax! Take a deep breath and with all new zeal, open your chemistry book and start with your mission, with a smile! Love your life…


With Love

– You In Few Years


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