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No maid no Aid

We all have heard of domestic maids or odd job men/women. And in every household, we’ll find one such. It’s a great thing that despite all odd, they still want to work for us. They are crucial for our society without which our so called society ceases to exist. Not all people can do all kind of work. Work needed to be done depends on the right skilled person & time limit. Life has already decided what role each person has to play. Puppeteer will pull the strings puppets will perform in accordance with it. Meaning only the right person with right skills will get the job done at the right moment. Not a second before and not a second after.

No maid no Aid

As it is well said by a lot of people that no job is big or small. But I want to know how many guys or girls will put up their hands for such kind of work. The answer to this question is already known to all people. Barely few hands will be raised. Only the right person with the right skilled would put up their hands for the right job. Others will stare mutely or curse.

In my opinion, I consider maids or odd job men/women as true champions. They fought every day against all foes, be it us or the job itself.  Does a series of jobs ranging from household works to guarding our society or us. Sweeping off the roads. Cleaning toilets or sewers. Help build your house or workplace etc. Countless jobs you can’t even remember. They do their bit. While we sophisticated people keeps on grumbling & making snide remarks.

This is not right. They are humans too, we need to respect them & their work too. Don’t shun them or deny their very right of living. Because if they quit, then we are doomed. You wouldn’t enter even your place of work or living. All sophistication will go to hell. We will all come to HALT.

So, all folks I don’t behold myself as a preacher, but just a kind gesture would make them truly happy. I know what you people are thinking. They get paid for the work they do. What is the need to pat? Don’t we all get paid for work we do whether skilled or unskilled? The same goes for them too. Money earns you bread & butter or status or lifestyle for your living. But you can’t buy respect. Respect is earned by the right thinking & kind gesture. Lending a hand or two would make you a better person.

Better and genuine you would make us a better society or nation.

So, all folks gear up your bearings, stand tall and salute the martyrs who everyday sacrifice themselves for our betterment. Don’t curse them. So, if you across odd job men/women or maids respect them or lend a hand or two. Because if you don’t, then you’re an unbeatable king of sorry losers and nothing more.

Mitu Dutt
Mitu Dutt
Hi, My name is Mitu, & I'm a tenderfoot in the ocean full of writers, loves reading/writing/basking in the glory of nature.


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