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New technique freezes drones

Recently the radio beams were used to freeze drones in the midair to prevent them from entering the sensitive areas. It must be noted that three United Kingdom firms joined hands and had created this new technique.

It must be noted that Anti-UAV Defence System, Auds,quietly jammed radio signal and rendered it passive.It was also said that Auds radar could detect a drone flying in sensitive airspace and could be observed through a camera with thermal imaging capabilities so that it could be visually targeted.
A high power radio signal being concentrated on the drone overriding the connection to whoever supervised it.It must be noted that Auds operator for a short period of time,could freeze the drone to indicate the problems or could freeze the drone for long duration of time till battery got crashed.
It was also said that Enterprise Control System had designed the product in association with Blighter Surveillance Systems and Chess Dynamics.According to Paul Taylor of Enterprise Control System,the entire process takes place for 25 seconds and there were many frequency bands used by many manufacturers.It was also said that commercial drones were used to smuggle cellphones,weapons into the prison.
Directional antenna was employed and signal was transmitted into the frequencies in the direction of UAV. Mr Paul Taylor said that Auds signal could only be heard by UAV. Auds that uses optical trackers could identify drones upto a distance of 8km.
The major benefit of this Auds system was it could be employed to keep drones away from the restricted areas though it cant give assurance in finding errant drone operators. Places near airports could be safe to use this radio-jamming process.The new anti-drone system was tested in USA,UK and France,but time regarding when this technology could be applied was not ascertained.


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