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Most Expensive Shoe Brands And How To Get Them In India:

Are you an Indian and, looking for some trending, expensive shoe brands that are easily available for Indians? Then, you should go ahead with the blog because I have listed 15 such expensive shoe brands just for you that are not only expensive but are worth the money.

Expensive Shoe Brands
Expensive Shoe Brands


Nike Air Mag is one of the most premium quality sneakers found in the world. It has features like a round toe, a flat 100% rubber sole, an expensive ankle strap and, a unique light-up detailing. It has 100% polyester lining and is also thermoplastic. The price of this pair is $ 45,691.

The website you can buy it from in India:

  • farfetch


Who else has not heard about the famous and expensive Gucci brand? They are best at their every product, be it their apparel or watches, accessories, or shoes. Gucci is made in Italy and has expensive and high elegant quality shoes. Gucci shoes’ price starts from $6000 and it goes higher as the quality goes higher.

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  1. farfetch.com
  1. matchesfashion
  1. kickscrew.com


Miu Miu is one of the most luxurious brands of shoes in the world. Miu Miu store is the favorite spot for most of the worldwide actors and actresses. Once you start wearing their shoes, I bet you will never be willing to use any other brand. Starting price of Miu Miu shoes is around $800 and it goes higher according to your need.

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  • farfetch.com


You must have heard about this famous brand. They also come under the list of expensive brands in the world. They started their company in 1984 and, since then, they have managed to be one of the expensive luxury brands. Their most expensive shoes are the Manhattan Richelieu Men’s shoes which are worth $10,000.

The websites you can buy it from in India:


If you are a Hollywood fan then, you are going to love this brand. This is the favorite brand for most Hollywood actors and actresses. They have been working since 1980 and always managed to stay in a high position in the market.

The websites you can buy it from in India:


Walter Steiger never fails to bring out the best and unique kinds of shoes for their customers. They are known not only for their grandness but also for their creative and innovative ideas portrayed in their shoes. You will become the center of attraction wherever you go wearing these shoes. 

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  1. etsy.com
  2. poshmark.com
  3. vestiairecollective.com


Christian Louboutin is well-known for its high heels and crimson soles. In the past few years, their red soles became the most wanted soles in the world. If you want an expensive pair of sexy high heels, then you should definitely check out this brand. To date, their most lavish shoe pair is worth $35,000.

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  1. lyst.com
  2. matchesfashion.com
  3. luxepolis.com


Manolo Blahnik has been working since the year 1970 and never fails to bring out unique and attractive shoes for their wealthy customers. They use exotic materials for their shoes, be it attractive stilettos or cozy sports shoes. It is known that they use alligator skins for the making of their expensive pairs.

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  1. darveys.com
  2. manoloblahnik.com
  3. desertcart.in


Alexander McQueen is a brand that everyone gets attracted to, especially women. It is a must-have brand for every rich women’s shoe rack. This brand comes under the list of most comfortable shoe brands. They are designed in such a way so that you can get an attractive sexy look with high-level comfort.

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  1. farfetch.com


You must be familiar with the name Brian Artwood if you like to research shoes. They will provide the most luxurious shoes a person can ever have but it’s not an easy task for a common man to afford their pairs. Their pairs go for vigorous checking before putting it on the market so that their wealthy customers never get a chance to complain about the shoes.

 The websites you can buy it from in India:


It will be wrong if I don’t put Stuart Weitzman on this list. Their expensive pairs are even hard for an average billionaire to buy. Their cheapest signature models are worth $500,000 and it rises to $3millions. Their most expensive pair is the House Of Harry Winston’s Ruby Slippers which is worth $3.01millions

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  1. stylicy.com
  2. stuartweitzman.com


This brand is especially for men who love to wear expensive, ethnic, and comfortable shoes. This company is run by Antoine Arnault, heir of the LVMH business empire. They are famous for their unique design and burnish appearance. 

The websites you can buy it from in India:

  1. matchesfashion.com
  2. lyst.com
  3. berluti.com


Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian fashion house known for its creative and scientific approach. Ferragamo was born in 1898 and founded this fashion house. The most interesting part is that, before he opened his own house, he accompanied many Hollywood celebrities to perfection. He created many attractive heel designs such as cage heels, wedge heels, and so on.

The websites you can buy it from in India:


Fluevog is a favorite brand for rockstars. Fluevog shoe designer John Fluevog created legendary designs which are known worldwide. Celebrities like Madonna, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson have been found in Fluevog shoes. A trending pair for women called Watusi is worth $399.00.

The websites you can buy it from in India:


Tom Ford never fails to make a man feel like a superman. They will provide you with a glam but comfortable look. Their shoes will always make you feel confident, dashing, and smooth because of their exquisite tailoring. They also managed to impress women with their exclusive womenswear. Normally, they also sell products such as accessories, makeup, and fragrance, but their shoe collection is worth the money. You can say that Tom Ford can be the style icon for many people. Their basic shoe price for men is $1590 and, for women, it is $2990.

The websites you can buy it in India:

  1. tomford.com
  2. stylicy.com
  3. farfetch.com
  4. fashiola.in 

Check out these above 15 expensive brands and trust me you will never regret buying one. These brands will give the best shoes one can get, but these brands are not for common people. If you are a rich person then you should definitely try one of them.

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