Milk and Honey


While writing has always been a word play for us, Rupi Kaur decided to mould her own castle through the twist of her own words . Formulating something so beautiful , Milk and Honey gives us a wide view of the nucleus of bizzare feelings, pain ,love and femininity.

Kaur, through her writing and illustrations sent a powerful message to the readers in her book Milk and Honey. The chronicle of intrusive pain and divine love has been arrayed in a very enticing way. The book of poems and prose had been divided into four parts and in a very alluring way.

Some of the lines of Kaur’s poems are so ravishing and relatable that it keeps you going through pages. Here are some of Kaur’s structured and charismatic lines from Milk and Honey:

The division of this saga has been under the keynote of different feelings and different heartache. The turns this book take you to is the most beautiful thing about Milk and Honey.