How To Make Most Of Your Airport Layover


Air travel isn’t usually a whole lot of fun. Sometimes waiting for hours for the next flight can be really boring and people basically find it the most difficult part of a trip. But these layovers can be really interesting and exciting if one knows to utilize this time in a proper and efficient manner. In fact these layovers can be the most exciting part of one’s trip. Let us find out the ways by which one can easily spend time during airport layovers.

  1. Chat with a Stranger.

Travelling is all about making friends and getting to know about experiences of different people. Chatting with different people at the airport bar, in the lounge room or in a restaurant could lead to a short conversation and by having conversations one can definitely learn about travelling experiences of various people.

  1. Leave the Airport for Sightseeing.

Airports of places like Amsterdam (Netherlands), Sydney (Australia), Chicago (USA), and London (GBR) etc offer fast and affordable transportation to the city centre which allow the passengers to take public transport and explore the cities. Spending half a day in sightseeing can be really exciting and time can pass away very quickly.


Sleeping during the layover is a very good idea but it again depends on number of factors. Finding a quiet place in a crowded airport can be really troublesome but most of the airports have proper designated sleeping sections or lounge rooms for the passengers to relax. So sleeping can be a good option during the time of layover.

  1. Work Out.

People who are fitness conscious can definitely find it easy spending time during a layover. They can hit the gym or they can practise yoga and meditation as most of the international airports have gymnasium and mediation centres. A few minutes of deep breathing and stretching are a fantastic way to get one’s blood flowing after a flight. If the airport does not provide gymnasium facilities then the quite corner of an airport lounge can be useful for meditation.

  1. Get a Room.

People generally prefer to sleep during layovers but are shy off in sleeping in public. So hiring a room for a day which can be called as short term lodging is definitely a good choice. Many top international airports like Heathrow (London), Schipol (Amsterdam) have accommodation facilities in the terminals. A standard cabin can be taken on rent in order to get rid of the layover time.

  1. Play an Instrument.

Playing an instrument like guitar can really entertain others as well as yourself. If one is extremely talented then he/she can entertain others by showcasing the talent. It will definitely help getting rid of layover time and can save others from their momentary boredom.

  1. Trying out different Cuisines.

People can definitely try different cuisines in various places of the world. This is the thing I would definitely want to do during layovers. Different places have different cuisines and trying out various cuisines can be really exciting for a foodie. People can try out food stuffs at the stalls available in the airport or can browse the internet to find out the best places for food in a particular city. This is the most exciting thing to do.

  1. Going to the Chapel.

After getting off from a plane one would definitely want to spend some time in a quiet and peaceful place but it is difficult to find one in a crowded airport. So the Chapel can be really useful. It’s usually a non denominational peaceful space set aside for prayer, meditation but one just needs to keep laptop and phone away from it.

  1. Heading to the Clubhouse.

One of the most exciting features about travelling is the multitude of clubs one can belong to. Airports offer a multitude of options when it comes to loyalty programs and with them come the airport club houses. Airport lounges today not only provide coffee and sandwiches but are also well equipped with wine cellars, spas and beauty parlours. These clubs can really help passing the time out.



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