Hopelessness- A Deadly Symptom of Suicide

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    Hope has always been a positive attribute. We all survive with a bundle of hopes- hope that we will achieve our goals, hope to be a good companion to our loved ones, hope that we keep each other happy, hope to gain identity in the society, hope to be happy and satisfied in life.  Have you ever wondered what would happen if this tiny element of hope turned us down?

    “Why does everything go wrong only for me?”, “Things are never going to get better in my life”, “my relationship is never going to work out”, “everybody thinks I am a loser”, “there are no solutions to my problems”, “I’m good for nothing”, ”There Is no use in trying anymore”.

    Does it sound familiar? There are the times when you feel like giving up; feel like quitting; or feel hopeless.

    Hopelessness is a vicious circle that puts you down in the dumps. These negative thoughts make you feel helpless and make you give up on yourself. You put yourself into isolation and a state a state of powerlessness. In turn there is no effort taken for reward or recognition. Later you feel worried or rejected that there is nothing good happens in your life. And you feel hopeless again. It’s a diabolic trap which sucks all your efforts to even ‘try’.

    Sad, GirlSeveral studies show that the feeling of hopelessness is a key aspect that leads to depression followed by Suicide. Yes Suicide! According to WHO, Every 40 seconds a life is lost through suicide in the world. And of all things that we can excel at, India hit one of the world’s highest rates of suicide among teenagers and older adults (WHO, 2012). Men and women are equally affected by suicidal thoughts. But it is a fact that though women have higher rates of suicide attempts (mostly passive means like using sleeping pills) men have high successful suicide attempts (mostly aggressive means like slitting the wrist).

    Whatever the intention of the attempt may be the ultimate cause of the severe depression or suicide is hopelessness. One does not easily give way life unless they see a bleak future that isn’t worth living. So if you ever feel depressed or find a friend who is be sure to give immediate attention and take professional help.

    Before things go out of hands there are certain simple things you can do to help yourself or others to make them feel better.

    Talk to a friend:

    Share how you feel to him/her. Let out you’re pent up worries. Cry it out to feel lighter. If you don’t want to disclose your thoughts to a known person then take professional help. There a many suicide prevention helplines from various organisations in India such as AASRA, One life, Sneha etc. that work 24×7.

    (Suicide prevention helplines in India: http://indianexpress.com/article/trending/this-is-serious/list-of-suicide-helplines-in-india/)

    Look at an old album:

    Recollect a positive memory. Look how promising life was. And trust that it will be in the future too.  Embrace the love and affection you had then.

    Believe in the people who are trying to help you:

    In a deep state of hopelessness it is common to feel that nobody can set things right. It is hard to believe in yourself. But trust the people who are trying to help you.

    Avoid isolation:

    As much as you don’t want people around try to avoid staying alone. An idle mind is the devils workshop. You don’t want to give way for ideas.

    Spend time with kids:

    Kids are pure souls of joy. We can learn what life is from them than anyone else. They teach us to never give up; to embrace little things in life; and to smile.

    Visit a Special school or Old age home:

    This might not sound great but it is my personal recommendation. The love and care you receive by the beautiful souls is unmatchable. They all joined hands with a disability. But the amount of motivation they have to live is pure inspiration.

    Think about the consequences:

    Thinking about ending your life is one way selfish. Think about all the other people around you who will be affected by your loss. If you understand how devastated the situation would turn, you will find a reason to live.

    Suicide is not symbol of the weak. It is just a momentary emotional outburst and hasty decision making.  It can happen to anyone. At the time of need only you can help yourself. As much as you wish for things to change understand that it is not possible without any effort from your side. Take professional help and regain your ‘Hope’ to live life to the fullest.

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