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Life goes on

As time passes memories fade away somewhere deep within our hearts. They never leave us, just keep themselves away from our sight may be for own good. It must have happened with you, when you are walking alone somewhere in the crowd. You must have suddenly smelled a perfume and been reminded of someone, listening to a particular song you must be remembering someone. That is it, those memories dug deep inside try to carve themselves out into your mind. This is what it is called, as time moves…situation changes and life goes on.

Do you still have that doll that you used to carry along everywhere? No? Okay do you remember that promise to your doll, that you will take care of her and keep her with you always. Now the reality check is, that doll must have been thrashed around after you grew up. As time flies we easily move on from things as well as from people. It must be in standard third or fourth I guess, we had to write an essay on the topic, ‘My Best Friend’. Everyone must have wrote at least a two page composition on this topic but do you even remember on whom you had wrote that essay? No? At that age your best friends may be changing every standard but lucky are those whose school’s best friend is still and always be their bestie.

Life goes onAnyone’s death may cause a lot of pain and sadness, but that grief won’t stop your breathing or heartbeat. The absence will matter a lot but then we slowly start adapting that void and move on with this life. This is not insensitivity but this is how practically things work, we can’t keep crying on that broken doll forever… life goes on and so does we. Not only has this we also move on and adapt changes virtually. The youngsters now, remember how we used that message pack and no internet pack was that famous then and now we have been connected by applications like Whatsapp and Hike. We also moved out from Orkut and accepted Facebook and Instagram. From that rock bodied phones to a slim smart phone. This is life and this will always keep on changing. This is what mankind forge for…development and continuous evolution.

life_goes_onWe evolve and accept change in everything but not on some customs and rituals, that is our tradition and some people go to the extremity to protect that. But what is there to protect why any custom does or tradition needs your bloodshed for their protection. Riots and firings happen many people die and some get injures. The news channels show repeated clippings of those for at least two days till the next breaking news reach to them. Then it is over, people stop seeing those things and forget and move on. No one wants to raise their voice everyone just want to feel bad and criticise about those happenings sitting on their couches in front of their plasma television sets. We don’t fight against it or for it we just adapt ourselves and keep moving…always.

That is why everyone says… life goes on …



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