Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India and was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. Appropriately called the heaven of majestic tigers for the fact that it shelters a large population of tigers in its breathtaking landscapes that consists of exotic flora and fauna. Its foundation was led by the legendary hunter turned conservationist Sir Edward Jim Corbett (1875-1955)- Edward James Corbett was born of Irish ancestry in the town of Nainital in the Kumaon of the Himalaya (now in the Indian state of Uttarakhand). Jim grew up in a large family of 13 children and was the eighth child of Willam Christopher and Mary Jane Corbett. His parents had moved to Nainital in 1862, after Christopher Corbett had been appointed postmaster of the town. In winters, the family used to move to the foothills, where they owned a cottage named ‘Arundel’ in Chhoti Haldwani or ‘Corbett’s Village’ now known as Kaladhungi.

Jim Corbett
Jim Corbett National Park

After his father’s death, when Jim was 4 years old, his eldest brother Tom took over as the postmaster of Nainital. From a very young age, Jim was fascinated by the forests and the wildlife around his home in Kaladhungi. At a young age he learned to identify most animals and birds by their calls – owing to his frequent excursions. Over time he became a good tracker and hunter. Jim studied at the Oak Openings School, later merged with Philander Smith College in Nainital. Before he was 19, he quit school and found employment with the Bengal and North Western Railway, initially working as a fuel inspector at Manakpur in the Punjab, and subsequently as a contractor for the trans-shipment of goods across the Ganges at Mokameh Ghat in Bihar.

Places to See in Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

1)Garjia Temple

Placed in the mid of the river Kosi is one of the most famous temples of Ramnagar, Garjia Temple, located in Garjia village, just 14 km from Ramnagar. A huge rock accommodates the home of Goddess Garjia, which can be reached by devotees after climbing several flights of stairs.

2)Sitabani Temple

According to legends, it is the place where Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Ram, entered into mother Earth. Situated 20 km away from Ramnagar, the temple organizes a fair every year, on the holy day of Ramnavami.

3)Corbett Water Fall

25 km from Ramnagar lies a wonderful surprise of nature, pouring ice-cold and pristine water from a height of 60 feet against the backdrop of calm green surroundings

4)Sunrise Point

The highest peak in the park provides a perfect vantage point to have a panoramic view of both Kosi and Ramganga rivers along with the encompassing area of Bhuwankhal village (located nearby)

Best Time to Visit Corbett

The Jhirna zone of Jim Corbett National Park remains open all through the year, but the  other popular zones, Dhikala and Bijrani are closed during the monsoon season. Afterwards the repair works are undertaken to mend the rain-ravaged roads, extending the opening of these zones to the months of October or November. Hence, the best time to tour Jim Corbett National Park is considered to be from Oct/Nov to June.Planning a trip to the wildlife sanctuary, you can avail the opportunity to appreciate other wonders situated around the park. So come and get slices of wilderness, natural beauty, divinity, and history and technical prowess spread around the park.

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Aaliya Thahseen
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