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How To Prepare For 10th Class Board Examination

Grade 10 is one of the most crucial grades for students as well as their parents because the certification that you get makes a big difference. If you go on to take admission in any university after school or even if you apply for a job, 10th class mark sheet is asked  everywhere. So, this usually builds a nerve wrecking pressure on students, their parents and teachers.

Tips To Prepare Well For Class X Board Examination

1. Devote Proper Time To All Subjects

In class 10th, most students find mathematics and science as the most difficult subjects. But this does not mean that you devote almost all your time to these subjects leaving no time for others. Plan your routine according to your commands and weaknesses in all the particular subjects. Decide that which subject needs more attention and which subject the least.

2. Do NCERT Nicely

NCERT is the bible for you. Read NCERTs very well and make sure you attempt all the in text questions and the questions from the back exercises. Refer to help books. Don’t read a lot of help books as this might cause confusion. Stick to NCERTs and one help book for each subject.

3. Give Yourself Adequate Time To Relax

If you keep worrying about studies and not relax and have fun, then this might act negatively on  you and can reflect the same in your performance. So, make sure you a take break of 8-10 minutes after every one hour of sincere study. This will help your brain to rejuvenate itself. Also, follow your passions whenever you find time.

4. Try To Find Some Time To Meditate

Meditation solves a lot of problems like stress, anxiety etc. It’s like one key to a lot of locks. I know the schedules can be really challenging and hectic but try to find at least 10 minutes to meditate.

5. Golden Point : Solve Previous Years’ Papers

This is one golden tip. Solve as many as previous year papers as you can. This will help you become averse with the exam pattern and help you gain more confidence. Solving papers is directly proportional to exam fear reduction. The more papers you solve, the more your fear gets reduced.


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Simran Bhola
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