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How To Dress Plainly Without Looking Dull

Fashion can get crazy and quite overwhelming when you look at high fashion runway shows, but there’s another trend that has been around for ages. Minimalistic looks have always been around and in fashion. You don’t need to have the most prominent hat or a dress made from meat to be considered fashionable, and minimalism in fashion doesn’t have to be boring either. 

Have a look at your favorite celebrity’s lookbook over the years. You most likely will find them in a plain dress or pants at some or another event where their co-stars or fellow artists wore more extravagant outfits. Yet they look great, right? There is a reason every woman should have a little black dress or man a white button-up shirt. Simple is stunning, and there’s no reason it can’t work for you either. 

Risky prints or bold color combinations come with great rewards or massive failures; there’s rarely an in-between for these garments. On the other hand, plain and essential items come with either a great reward or attract little attention, but hardly ever does it receive negative feedback. 

Basic Isn’t Boring

Having a plain look doesn’t mean you are plain or boring; it can be a blank canvas for you to show off other aspects of your look. You might have some great makeup that needs to shine, so if you pair it with a simplistic look, all eyes are on your makeup. 

Accessories also pop when your clothing choices are more simplistic; having beautiful jewelry or cool sunglasses will take center stage when paired with more dull clothes and take your look from boring to brilliant. 

Basic outfits also give people the impression of maturity. You don’t need to express yourself in overwhelming clothes; you let your skills do that. This differs from industry to industry but overall, having a simplistic look works in most cases to show your confidence lies in your work or skill, not in your outer appearance. 

Minimalistic looks help you blend into crowds or corporate settings where blending in might be beneficial. When you are at a stressful meeting with a stressed-out boss or manager, the last thing you want is your bright blue top to catch their attention, potentially making you the unintended recipient of their anger. Crowds might also not be the place to draw attention. 

Keeping It Simple

Fashion has never followed the rules or logic, we see trends that seem so far-fetched, yet in a few years, what was considered crazy now, all seems normal. Recently, comfort has been a big inspiration for designers. More and more garments are designed for long-term wear and comfort and less for a once-off show-stopping outfit. We see fewer killer heels and more dress sneakers. 

Garment designs are becoming simpler, but they have small pieces of the designer’s personality incorporated – and that’s exactly how you can take your closet staples from simple to simply unique. 

Everyone might have a white button-up shirt or a plain black tee – but what will set you apart is the small twist you add to the outfit. Express your style and personality with your hair, makeup, or accessories. Now is the time to wear your grandmother’s brooch or browse prescription sunglasses online for some new sunnies that won’t ruin your eyes or outfit. Try to add a belt or an over-the-top hair bow. 

Layering garments is a great way to reuse more pieces in your closet; try layering an oversized t-shirt over a basic tank top. A print button shirt over a comfy white t-shirt adds some funky socks and sneakers to your plain black dress and a chunky knitted jersey. 

Simple is Stunning

You don’t need to spend thousands on garments at the end of the day – take what you have, even your most basic pieces, and turn them into your little art projects. Quickly transform your plain garments with accessories like belts, bows, or brooches and try your hand at a new makeup look or grab a quirky bag gathering dust in the back of your closet. 

Whatever you do, give your basic items a second, third, and even a fourth chance to shine in an outfit that does not need to be boring. You’ll save some money on garments, and you will have a great reason to experiment with extravagant accessories or layers of clothing. Go on and try it – you might just have more clothing combinations at your disposal than you might think.

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