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Discover the Hottest Nail Polish Trends of the Season: A Comprehensive Guide!

Do you know similar to the best outfits, nails are also a style statement? People have now switched from traditional nail shades to something bold and vibrant. If you are the one who really wants to try something unique and bold this season, then go through this amazing guide that talks about hottest nail polish and nail trends. 

It doesn’t matter how old the woman is, beautiful polished nail is the dream of every lady. Even, people who don’t want their nails to shine can go with matte nails as they create an even finish. 

The common question ‘What color should I paint my nails’ strikes into the mind of every lady. Whatever their nail shape; selecting the correct color is important in every way.

Hottest Nail Polish Trends

Let’s have a look at few hottest nail polish trends of the season. Happy Reading!

Metallic Nail Polish

If we talk about metallic nail shades then they are always in trend. Variations of silver, chrome, and rose gold are perfect for doing nail art. Metallic blue is also one of the beautiful shades that looks great during cold months. You can try Dior nail polish as its finish looks quite professional. 

Red- A Classy and Trendy Color

When have doubt, choose a classic shade. Red shade is timeless and one of the most loved shades that look great in every season. If a red color looks not good on your nails, then you can go with the version of ‘Colored French Manicure’. A small red line is sufficient for energizing the classic base. 

Nude and Neutral Shades

The best thing about nude and neutral shades is that when you apply it on your nails then the focus will be on their polished look rather than on nail length. 

Nude shades match one’s skin tone perfectly thus making the nails appear longer and chic. Also, they give a refined look which makes them the ideal option for any occasion. You can go with creamy nudes, light grey shades, ivory shades, and so on. 

Bright and Bold Colors

Finger nail art design samples
Finger nail art design samples

Do you know bright shades has the magic of drawing attention to nails? Yes, that’s true! Few people are worried because of short nails but these shades work like a wonder for such people. How? They create a plain contrast between the nails and skin which makes one’s nails appear more prominent. 

Even, people with short nails can use chillhouse nails as they come with non-toxic glue. Long-lasting fake nails appear real and chic; also, designs are completely smudge-proof. You can go with cherry red, neon pink, bright lemon yellow, cobalt blue, bright tangerine, and so on. 

Light Pastels

Multicolored nail polish samples and paint brush. The color palette of nail services. Nail design.
Multicolored nail polish samples and paint brush. The color palette of nail services. Nail design.

Lights pastels give a softening effect on one’s nails. They have the quality of light reflecting that makes the nails look smoother and polished. 

Whether you are moving to your office or for some occasion, light pastel shades will complement any outfit. You can go with baby pink, light blue, pale yellow, soft lavender, peach, mint green shades as they are quite trendy. 

Dark and Dramatic Shades

Dark colors remain in trend always as they are ideal for creating a slimming effect. Dark colors such as black, deep purple, burgundy, navy have a wonderful slimming effect on the nails which gives a sophisticated look. 

Go with deep plum or burgundy shade to hold the attention of someone toward your nails. Deep red, navy nails, dark purple, dark green are few options to go with. You can also go with matte nail polish in case of dark shades. 

Hottest Nail Trends

Nail trends are evolving constantly and 2023 year is no exception. Starting from lip gloss nail trend, galaxy nails to floral nails and much more, the nail trends offer ample options for everyone. 

Lee Press-on nails are back again and now they are available in gorgeous patterns including few stunning 3D creations which makes an ideal choice for people with short nails. 

Now, let’s talk about the hottest nail trends 

Lip Gloss Nails

Lip gloss nails are quite trendy and can be created simply by applying a topcoat over the nail polish. Simply paint the nails with the nail shade you want and let it dry completely. After that, apply the topcoat on the nails to get your glossy nails. 

Floral Nails

By hearing the word ‘florals’; people think that it will better option for spring months. It’s not like that; floral shades are quite trendy in all months since it’s the better way of adding some color as well as creativity to the nails. 

Galaxy Nails

Give your nails a unique look by choosing galaxy nail art. This nail trend is inspired by space as well as can feature colorful planets, stars, etc. It’s a fun nail trend for those who like to have space, sci-fi, and stylish nail art. 

Watercolor Nails

Have you ever heard about watercolor nails? Do you know watercolor designs are becoming the most loved option among women? Yes, that’s true! It’s an art where colors are melded together for creating a beautiful design. This trend is the best option for those who wish to try something different. 

Earth Tone Nails

Earth tone is a new trend when it’s about nail design which includes colors like tan, cream, brown, and beige. The designs are quite simple with more focus on softness along with texture, 

It’s the best option for people who want to have an understated look. Earth tones are not only the new trend of this year however they are extremely versatile. One can pair different colors together for creating a unique look. 

Negative Space Nails

The negative space nails trend is unique since it lets your original nails shine through. Anyone looking for an understated nail look can go with negative space designs. Check out negative space nail designs at the salon- they are popping up everywhere!

Nail Care Tips 

Every woman desire to have strong and healthy nails but when it’s about nail care then many women think only about manicures. No doubt, manicures are good but what do you think it’s the only way by which you can care for the nails? I don’t think so! 

For making your nails strong and shiny, it’s important to adopt some nail care habits. Let’s check them out!

Moisture Your Nails

Just similar to skin, nails also want external moisture for staying healthy. Regular washing takes away even the little nourishment your nails get. So, moisturize your nails regularly and try to apply them again after washing your hands. 

Maintain Good Hygiene Practices

Regular contact with water at times can result in split fingernails in case if your fingers are not dried in a proper way. So, don’t make your nails too long since dirt can accumulate inside them easily. When cutting the nails, trim them properly to form a curve since it prevents the dirt to accumulate inside the skin. 

Use a Base Coat or Top Coat

Whether you make use of nail shades frequently or not, remember to apply base and the top coat which is the best nail care habit to adopt. After cleaning the nails, apply the base properly. Then the coating of your most loved nail color and finally apply the top coat on it.  

Choose Quality Cosmetics

Just like you don’t use any non-branded product on your skin, follow this in case of nails too. Whether it’s your nail remover, top coat, nail polish, base coat, cuticle oil, or anything else, buy quality products from branded stores. Making use of low-quality products can destroy your nails badly. 

Avoid Using Acetone

Acetone might seem like an easy way for removing stubborn nail shades however the fact is that it’s harsh on the nails. It can make nails dry thus leading to breakage. Avoid using acetone and products containing acetone on the nails. The best thing is that nowadays, many nail paint removers are available that contain nourishing ingredients such as almond oil, vitamin E, etc. to prevent dryness. 

Closing Insights

Let’s end up this post with the hope that it will help you in knowing about the hottest nail polish and nail trends of this season. There are number of ways to play with each hue, thus don’t feel restricted to one nail color category. 

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