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Ways To Fight Depression

Today, the word 'depression' is associated with a lot of myths. Depression is a mood disorder characterized by prevailing low mood and...

Depression – The Hidden Struggle

Depressive disorder, frequently referred to as depression, is more than just feeling sad or going through a rough patch. It’s a serious mental health...

The Lucky Ones-Poetry.

How beautiful is the Poetry of the ones Whose hearts ache of last nights love. That left them and their shirts, crumpled on the bed sheets. Like feathers...

World Health Day 7th April

  World Health Day 2017, all of us would think it will be about health issues, increasing life expectancy and so on but we could...

Its high time we talk about Depression

Depression is a condition in which a person is overwhelmed by everything and not just some wrong thought process that one gets into and...
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Hopelessness- A Deadly Symptom of Suicide

Hope has always been a positive attribute. We all survive with a bundle of hopes- hope that we will achieve our goals, hope to...