Hairstyle Craze of 2020 for women


For 2020, the biggest trend for women’s hair is going to be short as well as natural textures. The first emphasis in on short hair for sure since it is going to remain central throughout this year. Also, with the current global situation, people are discovering their hidden talents at being hair stylists and independent. 

One of the most supreme short hairstyles that will rule is the timeless bob. Women need greater versatility and can without much of a stretch accomplish a smooth and modern bounce with the correct length for their faces. Or then again, if they slice it to hit collarbone length, they can include a tousled surface for an increasingly energetic and easygoing look. 

Also, an effortless way to add that extra volume on lazy days would be the BBlunt Blown Away, Volumizing Leave-In, which is quite affordable with great quality and can easily be found at nearby stores or on Nykaa as well as Amazon.

There will be a step back from the blunt-cut high fashion bobs but, the idea is to keep it relaxed and even a bit longer to maintain the soft look. Kaia Gerber embracing the soft bob look.

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Hairdressers concur that it’s not only the bobs which will have the texture this year but, every hairstyle. That is because the texture will keep on being a major point in 2020. Rather than super-smooth, over-styled hair, we’re going to see the more natural texture, regardless of whether that implies tousled and loosened up hair or wavy and noodle curled hair. Naomi Janumala, a 20-year old Indian model who was also a face of Rihanna’s luxury label Fenty in 2019, is seen flaunting her naturally frizzy hair and she is rocking it.

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Embrace authentic self

Hairstyle Craze of 2020 for women

Also, at the end of the day, it comes down to embrace your authentic self no matter what.Whatever your natural texture is, embrace it! Rather than removing it with heat devices, emphasize it with products like the BBlunt High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream, which is quite affordable with great quality and can easily be found at nearby stores or on Nykaa as well as Amazon.

Moreover, to accentuate naturally curly hair, it’s often recommended to use shampoos and conditioners specifically made for such texture. There are a lot of local as well as international brands available in the market both offline and online to choose from.

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Natural texture is definitely in.

So, with regards to heat styling, it is certain that beach waves are going to keep being extremely popular for 2020. They’re delicate, tousled, and loose, so a decent texture spray will prove to be useful.

Personally, my favorite is the Phillips KeraShine Temp Control Hair Straightener. Start by getting an area of your hair and dropping it (correct, drop it—hold on for me) into the mouth of the level iron to make your first twist. At that point, with that equivalent area, brace your level iron looking like an “S” to finish off the piece. You’ll repeat this motion throughout your hair, focusing on your ends for a natural-looking finish. Use some texture spray or dry shampoo for definition and movement and BAM! Just-rolled-out-of-bed waves 😉 

With regards to medium to long hair, the modern shag will be all over the place, which bodes well, since it fuses that casual, tousled surface we were discussing prior. A cutting edge shag with fewer layers so there’s more than one length to look at as this will make things fun. And, a spray texture will make life easier with this hairstyle.

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Textured braids are going to rule

Braiding has never been out of style completely and this year, the textured braids are going to rule. It is safe to say that you are detecting a theme, yet? Texture, regardless of whether normal, beachy, shaggy, or braided, is unmistakably ruler in 2020, particularly all through the winter months. The winter cap won’t mess up if the hair is worn out with braids and waves.

And, of course, how can we forget the Upper East Side queen S aka Blake Lively, when it comes to beachy braids. Don’t forget to dig into her braids for upcoming winter inspirations. 

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It is always recommended too put a teeny bit of texture spray throughout the hair before braiding since it gives the strands extra grip, which keeps them intact for a long while.  

Bang-bang! Yes, you heard it right.

Get ready to see an arrival of bangs and adding bangs to a bob haircut will give a retro vintage-yyy vibe. The curtain bangs specifically will make a return, they are the iconic face-framing bangs which were super popular back in the 1960s-70s. With more #throwback vibes, this will be a trend. These are low-maintenance and can easily be grown out into face-framing layers, which seems to be perfect for any and every kind of face shape and hair type. It is recommended to trim every 5-6 weeks if you want to keep the curtains on your face intact for a while.

The Señorita superstar, Camilla Cabello embraces her curtain bangs with a rough top-knot looking super cute and chic with absolutely effortless charm.

Hairstyle Craze of 2020 for women
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Warm/Solid Hair colors will reign this winter as people don’t want to spend long hours at the salon for saving time and also for safety issues with the current global pandemic issue. From warm auburn to mahogany and wine burgundy, these will keep you warm throughout the winter. For short hair, bolder colors like red velvet, fiery orange, electric blue, hot pink. 

Hairstyle Craze of 2020 for women
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Finally, hair accessories will be the closest friend this season, from 90s hair-scrunchies to rhinestone beads and headbands. 2-3 day old hair can get an oomph factor with a cute clip or a big headband or bandana during humid days. 


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