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Foldable Smart Phones

Mobile technologies in recent have advanced extravagantly in all quarters like display, processor, battery backup, camera and security applications. These recent advancements in mobile technologies have not only increased the competition amongst top cellular companies but also has lured and confused the buyers into purchasing the best brand available in the market.

Foldable Smart Phones:

This recent technology which has been developed has taken everyone by amusement. Some people have even described it as one of the pioneer technology achievement in cellular technology. Although this technology was assumed to be off the books for some illogical reasons which were found to be impossible to create such technology, mobile companies have finally cracked the nut in changing this technology dream become a reality.

These foldable smartphones are just the doppelgangers of the smartphones which we use, with some out of the box features. The out of the box features of these foldable smartphones can be recognized by their large display literally of the size of a table phone, but the cliché here is that these phone can be folded, hence the name foldable smartphones. The other features such as the audio jack, camera, and the power buttons as placed in the areas similar to those of a regular phone.
Many people have been a victim of the false news that Samsung is the first company to release the first foldable smartphone, but in reality, an unknown company called the Royole Corporation released the first working prototype of this foldable smartphone named Royole Flexpai. Since the working prototype of this company failed to impress many and looked uglier, the phone released by Samsung called the Infinity Flex Display which had better features than the former impressed many and became famous everywhere.

What was the need for a Foldable Smart Phone?

Many interesting upgrades have been happening in the cellular industry sector, for example, the in-display fingerprint scanner, pop-up cameras, fast charging setups, wireless charging setups, notch displays, and the list keeps growing on. But there was a need for an exciting upgrade in the area pertaining to the display of the phones. With the era of applications in phones increasing day by day, there needed to be a subjective change in the display to expand the workspace of the phone to accommodate enough applications required by the user in single screen rather than shuffling across multiple screens.

That’s where the idea of foldable smartphones sprang as this upgrade would attract the buyers because of its structural as well as functional characteristics. So this upgrade in the cellular sector was considered to be a fruitful deal as it provided a flexible smartphone which eases out the work of the user as well as bringing valuable rewards to the company.

How does a Foldable Smart Phone work?

If the working of a foldable smartphone can be described simply in a sentence it can be explained in this way; it works like a tablet when its not folded i.e. when it is open, and it works like a phone which easily fits your pocket when it is folded, i.e., when it is closed. This conversion of phone to tablet can be done quickly by the means of a foldable smartphone.

It was customized by a bigger battery, because of the more prominent display it houses which upheld the need of a bigger battery else the phone would fail. The phone’s design was similar to a flip cover which we use for a regular smartphone; some companies have even gone for a more ergonomic design to attract a number of buyers. The display of the phone is divided into two sectors which when the phone is opened can be worked on easily. Other features such as the camera and the functional buttons where placed accordingly.

Advantages of a Foldable Smart Phone:

Flexible Form Factor

Based on the design considerations from the manufacturer, a foldable smartphone can be folded thrice or twice. It can even be folded left to right or top to bottom depending on the design opted by the company. It offers a lot of mobility to the buyer as the phone which can be folded into small parts can be kept in your pocket when not in use, and used as a tablet when in use. If offers a lot of convenient options to the buyer, as he can store it where ever he wants depending on the options available to him. That’s a pretty flexible deal right?

Bigger Work Space

Most of the users or consumers moved from a phone to a laptop mainly due to one reason. And the reason is they need a bigger workspace to work on. It essentially means that the display should be more prominent, as the user can lay his eyes upon various other windows or areas where he can focus. That’s like he can work on multiple sectors in a single window.

Imagine a phone which is able to provide you a bigger display similar to your laptop or tablet. We can picture the foldable smartphone here, right? That’s another advantage of using a foldable smartphone. But we cannot tell that the whole problem can be sorted out with this advantage, but the problem can be covered or solved up to a bigger extent.

Like for an example, the display of a foldable smartphone is big enough to house one part of the document which can be used for the purpose of editing or typing and on the other part the keyboard or the tool box can be opened or placed. Similarly, a photo editing application can be opened on one part of the screen, and the other part can accommodate the tools or the colouring kits. This calls for an ease in the work as the work space is big enough for carrying out most of the applications related work.

Extra Space for Hardware

Bigger the phone is, more comfortable it will be for adding an extra enhancement or salient features as the phone’s structural design can house many parts along with it. So, this calls for more room for hardware. It may even include more processor capabilities and even added internal or external storage. This salient feature actually helps both the manufacturer as well as the user.

The manufacturer can use this facility to create room for bigger batteries as it essentially powers up the whole phone to run for a longer time without any hurdles. It can even be used to create shelter for an even higher processor for faster working attributes. A cooling attribute can be even added as these phones which have larger displays tend to heat up most of the time.

The user can house in special attributes such as the usage of pen for simplifying his work even more, as in larger displays the usage of a pen can be done significantly. External storage of a larger memory can be used by the user to keep all his legitimate work at a single place. That’s a pretty solid characteristic for both the manufacturer and the buyer.

Disadvantages of a Foldable Smart Phone:

A Heavier SmartPhone

Because of the larger display size of the foldable smartphones, it calls in for a bigger battery as well as heavy storage capacities. It also needs an additional hardware which is capable enough to run the smart phone in a smooth manner. The consequences of adding such features to the smart phone will make it more heavy and bulky in structural composition. This will also make the smart phone thick enough which literally makes it look bigger than your wallet and adds on more weight on your pockets.

If making the smart phone thin and providing small bezels to the display undo the prone of heavy weight, then it adds another problem in the manufacturing sector, i.e., it requires an upgrade in the manufacturing process which will add up increasing the total cost of the smart phone and you might even consider buying a laptop rather than this smart phone at that time.

Vulnerable to Defects

Though companies come forward in bringing an ergonomic and feasible design to this smartphone, it comes with an increasing price every time they come up with a solution in the area for designing. The increasing price is due to the complexity factor of the overall design, design of a particular component and may be even due to the electronics involved in it.

Because of such factors, what happens is that the buyer will be under the impression that he might receive a defective piece rather than a fully functional piece. This sentence holds good and is true, as so much of complexity is involved in making a foldable smartphone and even a small error or defect may deplete the whole functional ability of the smartphone. So it is more vulnerable to defects as it is still a new discovery and quality tests are being conducted every time to solve a defect.

Sky Rocketing Prices

This disadvantage can be directly related to the second disadvantage. More complex are the characteristics of a phone; more the price will go for its manufacturing right? This is because the manufacturer will make sure his product remains the prominent in market, so certain added enhancements will be installed while the product is in production which leads to heavy prices on the product.

As this technology is newer manufacturers will try to put in more effort to build a better folding smart phone, due to which certain complications do arise. One such example would be that these foldable smart phones cannot house the normal AMOLED displays which the normal smart phones house nowadays. These phones require hi-tech LED displays which actually evolve the whole process of viewing as it gives shelter to a larger display. This leads to heavy pricing of such folding smart phones atleast in the early years of its production and marketing. As years pass by, newer generation technology will be available to tackle such complications.


Though the new technology of foldable smartphones is grabbing the eyeballs of every consumer, it can be seen that if offers plenty of advantages along with some added disadvantages. It is really immature enough to talk about the disadvantages at such an earlier stage where the technology has just evolved, and in the coming days, solutions are sure for the complications offered. But it is essential to highlight the disadvantages as the area of concern can be shifted easily and also the overall damages can be concealed and the right way to deal it also can be addressed properly.

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