Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Pre-book Review: All You Need To Know About the Next Generation Smartphone

Imagine a smartphone, designed for the future that delivers in more ways than you can imagine. The all-new Galaxy S10 series is not only bigger and smarter, but it also lasts for an impressively long time.
Our gadget geek got to review the new flagship from Samsung and the experience has been quite amazing. The premium members pre-booked this new offering from Samsung and they were highly excited about the highlighted features. This lineup promised a lot of things and it surely has delivered in every aspect.

A New Beginning for Samsung

Smartphones are becoming more and more innovative every year and Samsung is stealing the spotlight in the tech world. Earlier in 2019, the company launched its very first phone with a foldable screen and it became the buzz of the town. Now with the arrival of Galaxy S10 series, a whole array of features are being teased, be it the new hole-punch camera and ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series: Price and specifications

The S10 lineup will have a starting price of INR 55,900 for the Galaxy S10E 128GB variant. This model can be expanded up to 512GB using a microSD card. The Galaxy S10 variant will start from INR 66,900 for the 128GB variant with the 512GB variant priced at INR 84,900. The later variant is available in white, while the former has blue, white and black color options. The top-of-the-line model namely Galaxy S10+  has mammoth storage of 1Tb and comes at a price of INR 1,17,900. It features a beautiful ceramic built with white and black color options. Galaxy S10+ has a 512GB storage variant featuring a ceramic finish, costing INR 91,900, while the 128GB variant costs INR 73,900. The later is available in blue, white and black colors.

A Galaxy of New Features

From a highly powerful processor to a beautiful all-screen design, Samsung has packed the very best features in this one. The one that steals the limelight is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor followed by the head-turner that is the wireless charging with power sharing. And above all, the jack didn’t die in this one, which is a great plus. The UI didn’t lag at all and more security updates are coming soon.
Three Cities, Thousand of Loyal Customers and One Great Journey We started our journey from Jamshedpur, getting the feedback from customers, then moved on to Ranchi and finally reached Dhanbad. The questions captured the mood of the buyers and helped get us an insight about the hype around this new addition to the Samsung family. Here are some highlights of our tech blogger’s conversation with the customers.


Q1. Do you have any idea about the Samsung Galaxy S10?
Rajneesh (Buyer): “We saw the features on YouTube, but want to know more. This demo will give us the required information and I am very excited. I have been using Samsung’s premium smartphones for  quite a long time and the Galaxy S10 series will surely live up to the expectations.”

Q2. Do you know why has this event been organized for you?

Aryan (Customer): Yes. Samsung is always known for its fabulous customer service and we, the premium customers, have got all the necessary information about the event. It feels good to be here; looking forward to check all the models.

Q3. Did you pre-book the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Ritwik (Potential Buyer): Yes, I did and the wait is just unbearable. This showroom experience is magnificent and I am in love with the S10+. Samsung has included some real innovation in this one, this might be a new chapter in their dominance in the smartphone segment.

Q4. Which features were you expecting in the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Suman (Premium Member): I was definitely expecting a better camera, though I had no such fascination about the display. Apart from that, a better Battery always makes us happy.


Q5. Are you satisfied with the features that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has to offer?

Simran (Buyer): Very satisfied, but the cost is a bit on the higher side.

Q6. Are you satisfied with the highlighted features?

Avirup (Buyer): Yes, very much. From device to device charging with powerless share and the AMOLED Cinematic Display – this one is surely built for the future.

Q7. Which model of S10 did you book?

Pooja (Customer): Samsung Galaxy S10+

The Bottom Line: Which one to buy?

Every model has its own special points, so it all comes down to the features you are looking for and your budget. However, the Galaxy S10E is the most preferred choice according to us. It is comfortable to hold, the flat screen is pretty good and the storage is more than enough. Compare the specs, look for the ones which suit your need the most and pick a phone which not only scores on the style aspect, but also is high on performance. Whatever might be your choice, Samsung has surely set the bar very high in 2019.


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