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Every mumma’s beauty tip is not true

Girls usually fall for a good lip balm or kohl, but girls also fall for these beauty fables, We get to know about them everywhere, from the ”Aunties” , our mums, twitterati, etc. But why don’t we think about them again, because some myths are just myths. Here we are to break those 10 myths.

Shaving will make your hair grow thicker

Eww! That’s not true at all. We all think that our hair grows back thicker every time we shave them , Well the reason is that when we shave our hair, they just appear shorter, and hence more stubbly than they actually are! Therefore, we should not give more gaps between our shaving days.


Wag your mascara brush for smooth application

Pumping the tube won’t help at all, we think we are picking up more product but by wagging more air is being let into the tube, leading it to dry out sooner than it should. This leads to dry lashes and bacteria in the tube. Rather, we should swirl the brush around the tube to collect more product.

Using hit tools, less often doesn’t affect your hair much

Reserving our hair for those heat styling tools than usual in summers can fetch some trouble for your hair. Keep in mind that, Regardless how less or how often you use these styling tools, you should be using a protect ant spray to prevent hair damage.

Once your blush shatters after dropping it, it’s done.
Whenever your makeup is shattered, chi lax ladies! All you need to do is pour rubbing alcohol into the broken compact or container and gently mix until the makeup turns muddy. Wait for it to dry and Wallah! Your makeup is new again.

Wearing makeup everyday can be harmful!

Yes, wearing a lot of makeup can be cumbersome for the skin on your face, wearing makeup daily and regularly causes no harm. This will not do damage, but the real damage is done by us, that is, by not removing it and keeping it overnight. This will not only damage it, and make even worse.

teenage girl in her bedroom putting on lipstick
teenage girl in her bedroom putting on lipstick

You should not change your shampoo often

While we agree, changing hair products often is necessary and every once in a while. If your hair  is feeling flat, dry or damaged after continued use of one particular shampoo, it’s not shampoo’s fault. Most of the times, the problem is due to the products that we use for our hair, We must try a clarifying shampoo once every week.

Certain hair products can eliminate split ends

These are irreversible, we cannot remove then completely. Oils and serums , these are notorious for improving the situation, while they can worsen it completely, but the real remedy for split ends are haircuts.

Nail filing can be any direction

You cannot always file your nails in the same direction, this leads to allowing your nails to grow faster and longer. Filing from both directions on one nail can lead to breakage and peeling of your nail.


There is no way to avoid getting lipstick on your teeth

If you make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth, and put your index finger, directly in the middle of ‘O’ then pull out. The lipstick on the inside of your lips will come on your finger, leaving your teeth untouched any the lipstick. This is one thing, you cannot miss out on!

lipstick touching teeth


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