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Eve Teasing

Eve teasing refers to sexual harassment and molestation to women by men in particular. Traditionally, people often blame women for eve teasing incidents because they provoke male by wearing scanty clothes. That is actually a whimsical excuse. Even if females wear modern dresses it does not give men license to harass women. Increasing number of eve teasing in urban places in India compelled the local authorities to take a serious look into the problem. The growing instances of the murders and of women for rejecting the love of the man had rocked the nation and now the serious thought is given on the reasons for these crimes. Sometimes this eve teasing leads to drastic ends like rape and death of the victim.

I think that Indian cinema is in some way responsible for these because in movies we see end number of instances where men in jeeps follow girls, and when girls crossed the road panicking, they make U-turns to come nearer, and this is where the molestation happens. and this is just one particular which I am describing. i am not criticizing the cinema for showing such scenes, but it would have been motivational to end such scenes with the victims standing up for themselves.

According to Indian cinema girls are shown to be agreeable to teasing by not accepting it as their fate. Films will only influence only those who are susceptible. But television cannot be entirely blamed for the increasing violence in society. Not just Indian, but numerous women face such problems on daily basis.

It has become a mundane part of their lives with the feeling of insecurity and horror at crucial hours. Often girls go out alone for works or some other purpose. But teasers are always in this chance to take due advantage of the situation. So as far as possible either stay in group or have some elder male with you, this is what many would suggest you! You feel safe in groups as being an individual girl you become an easy target of molesters.

 Harassment, corruption, humiliation all these have now become a common part of modern society in this 21st century. We often hear about molestation or being raped and killed a young girl or a women by the men who go wild in the public.

Every girl faces molestation either by hearing derogatory comments on them, sexually harassed, eve teased and what not!

We keep hearing about the Delhi gang rape incident where the young girl got raped brutally in a moving bus and nobody in spite of seeing her injured on the road tried to help. This shows that humanity has lost some of its existence in today’s time. Eve teasing occurs every day in every corner of the world and has now become a trend among indecent people. Women have always faced this because they are being always thought of as lacking physical power. But it’s time to take some action and set up a standard of being powerful women in the society and stop the inhuman acts. We have heard about number of cases where a person who tries to take a step against molestation himself gets in danger. Either he is brutally hit or gets killed.

In such situations, it gets difficulty for a woman to help herself in between the beasts. Thus, it should be necessary for every girl to have some training of self defence to protect herself. It even provides you the strength and courage to protect other women in danger. Engage yourself in some taekwondo, judo or karate training. In this way you will also be able to save not only yours but other girls life as well which will even teach those beast the lesson of their life. Carrying small safety tools with you not only makes you feel safe but will even help to avoid any kind of harassing situation. Whenever you feel that somebody is trying to touch you or unnecessarily trying to get close to you just take out the bottle and spray it in his eyes and showing the knife can make the people around you aware of the situation and can come for your help. Such kinds of techniques act as a part of self defence and which will not only make the teasers learn a lesson but will also give some strength to the other girls for future of how they can protect themselves and fight against the harassers.

One of the solutions of eve teasing, I think, is to expose such people. They might feel uncomfortable and guilty, once they are exposed in public. We should not be ignorant to such occurrences. 

Glory Simran
Glory Simran
An amateur writer who sees the best in every situation. A student by profession but keen on learning every new stuffs.


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