Everybody who knows even the most basic form of English would agree that English is a very absurd language, some words are written in ‘some’ way but it would ‘sum’ up to be pronounced totally differently.

English is also one of the newest languages of the world and so there are many words which can be found in different languages but with completely bizarre meanings than the meanings in English.


In English when one is called a retard, he is assumed to be mad but in French, retard means late.


This word is pronounced like the English word ‘Push’ but in Portugese this word means nothing other than to pull. Talk of irony!


When in Sweden if you ask somebody about their well being and if you get an answer “bra!” , please don’t think they are asking for one,they are simply saying “good”.


A very common word of English which all of us have come across in our lives. Well, a kiss is not as romantic to the Swedish as it is to us, primarily because for them it means pee.


If somebody has got you a gift, nobody denies it but Germans do. Wonder why? Because ‘gift’ means poison to them.


Awesome! Yeah, that is what this word means in German..! Now isn’t that just hammer?


For everybody who thought that being sick is a bad thing, well guess what, in Turkish ‘sick’ means fuck..! Being sick doesn’t feel so bad now, does it?

8. HE and ME

In Hebrew, very interestingly.. ‘he’ actually means ‘she’ and ‘me’ brings up the question of ‘who’. Wonder when things got so complicated..

9. NAH (synonym of NO)

In India, there is a very old dialogue, “ladki ki naa mein haa hoti hain.” Hilariously, Polish,Greek and Czech people actually want to say yes when they say ‘nah’.

10. SLUT

Everybody knows what this word means in English but it is not at all so offensive in Swedish! In Swedish, ‘slut’ means end.

So that is the ‘slut’ of the article. Hope you had a great time reading it.