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Something incredible about: The Dream Camp

Our world is a beautiful place to live in and there exists some truly amazing souls to make sure of it. Make a Difference has been working since more than 10 years now for not only the education but also the overall development of kids. One such project put together by MAD to take our children one step closer to their dreams which brings a smile on everyone who is a part of MAD family is THE DREAM CAMP.

Something incredible about: The Dream Camp

Make a Difference mobilizes the youth to ensure equitable outcomes for children. Presently the national Non-Government Organization impacts the lives of over 3,460 children in 67 shelters across 23 cities in India.

Happiness can never be pursued but once achieved is embraced for a life time. The camp which takes place over a course of 3 days is an unforgettable memory for everyone who attends it. When children and volunteers are asked what the best part of MAD is it isn’t surprising when a large number never fail to take the name of DREAM CAMP at the very first place.Something incredible about: The Dream Camp

The smiles, giggles, excitements, fear are all mixed feelings which the children have, while we are on the way to the venue. The creativity volunteers’ show at the time of planning is commendable. Some provide a badge to everyone to give an exciting starting; some give a ticket for the journey to the venue; as the fairy tale land arrives, the happiness of those kids who hardly get vacations cannot be measured.

The sessions in dream camp are carefully thought out and put into action keeping in mind the overall growth of the kids. The Beautiful You session help them understand how outer appearance is nothing as compared to inner beauty. This session not only makes them understand their qualities but also makes us realize what a precious part of the society is neglected by many of us just because of the outward appearance. The River of Life session helps them realize that no matter what problems they have faced in life, the river of life flows on. This is the most intense session in the whole DC where children share the darkest parts of life in a closed group to their mentors. These stories are truly touching and make our problems seem like a drop of water compared to their ocean of worries.

Children learn how they have survived them all and the river is always flowing while we learn how blessed we all are. The bond with children strengthens after this session. The Dream tree or bulls eye session is emphasized to help them make their own roadmap towards their dreams by allowing them to introspect and identify their strengths, weaknesses and what the
need to do to reach for the stars.

The DREAM CAMP is not only about sessions, the new food experience for the children where you can see how every bite can turn into a delight. The new sports experience where the adrenaline rush keeps them eager to learn more. The moments mentors have with children of their group, the shared secrets and the constant smiles are amazing. Everything is like a dream for these children who are termed less fortunate and a dream for the volunteers who get so much to learn and enjoy in these few days.Something incredible about: The Dream Camp

The last but not the least is the Gratitude session. Everyone writes for each other in which the outrageous bonds are sprinkled with the fairy dust. The loving letters of the mentors written to children and the beautiful love children show by writing lovely letters to team MAD makes it all worth it.Something incredible about: The Dream Camp

The goodbyes are hard and with teary eyes everyone bids farewell to the DREAM CAMP with a hope for the dream to continue next year.

Make a Difference has been doing ground-breaking work in the field of education for a long time but still many are not aware of the cause. So here is to all who feel like being a part of MAD after reading this article – YES WE ARE RECRUITING!!!!!!

For more details, visit www.makeadiff.in. Register on our website to be a part of the Awesomeness! Let us join hands and work to Make A Difference in the lives of those tiny tots. Because true goodness is achieved when we work not for ourselves, but for the betterment of others.

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Ayushi Dimri
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