Dogs: Making Things Better Since Forever


So, you already know what makes you happy when you are sad or stresses out. Is it a Dog ? Oh! Yes. Dogs can make your rough days so better and they are the ones you can cuddle with any time of the day. Whenever you’re feeling little ‘blah’ ,there they are wagging their tails and trying to make you happy. They are the best of friends.

To make your day a bit more pleasant,here are these little ones trying to cheer you up all over.

1. Hey, are you talking to me ?

2. Just check your letter box. The fur ball is waiting .

3. But, let me get some sleep first.

4. Aye, you look cute.

5. But wait, let me cuddle first .

6. I didn’t eat your paint colours. 

7. Hello. Can you smile ?

8. Come on ! Let’s go cycling. 

9. Are you going somewhere without me ?

10. Let me see what’s going on outside .

11. Who is this new doggo here ? 

12. Where you taking us? We’re sleepy.

My day just got so better. What about yours ?