Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover Accidental Deaths?

Travel is an integral part of every individual’s life. People must commute long distances for work and with the road conditions and poor infrastructure in our country, there is a high risk of accidents. This is why having comprehensive insurance can help one focus on their recovery without having to worry about finance at the time of an accident. Other policies can enhance a regular health insurance policy. For instance, a personal accident insurance policy can help one financially during the time of an accident. Let us understand in detail about this policy.

Personal Accident Policy

Accidents and crises cannot be foreseen but when they take place, they can turn the world of people topsy-turvy. It can be a mentally, financially, and physically strenuous time for the family of the insured. A comprehensive health insurance policy may not always cover expenses for accidents and deaths. This is when a personal accident policy can play a vital role. Personal accident policy will provide compensation to individuals with disabilities caused by accidents. The insured can include their spouse and dependent children under this policy. Let us understand in detail what this policy covers.

What it Covers

  • The insured family will receive weekly compensation for loss of income in case of disability or death due to an accident
  • Transportation costs are covered for the family when an accident occurs
  • Generally, compensation for fractures is not given in many health insurance policies but, with Personal Accident Insurance, one can avail of compensation for fractures
  •  In case an accident causes a permanent handicap to the insured, modifications might be required for the house/vehicle. These expenses can be taken care of by the insurance company with this policy
  • If the insured is a student, they can avail a reimbursement of tuition fees for the period after the accident when they cannot attend classes

Accidental Death

If you are wondering if a personal accident cover would compensate for a policyholder’s death, it does. Many health insurance policies may not cover accidental deaths while many might compensate for the death of the insured. The insured must be aware of what their policy covers. In case one’s regular comprehensive insurance policy does not provide compensation for the death of the insured, a separate Personal Accident Policy such as this can help.

Who will Receive the Compensation Amount?

When an insurance claim is initially bought, the policyholder will be required to pick a nominee. The compensation amount will go to the nominee. In case, the nominee is not selected, the compensation amount will go to the legal heir of the policyholder.

One can be sure that their family will receive the required financial help when some unfortunate incident takes place. Members of the family can be rid of financial trouble with this policy. A person must know what their policy covers and if required include add-ons that can enhance the existing policy. To know more about health insurance policies and personal accident policies, click here!

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