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Deep secrets of healthy , happy and a beautiful life

Are You guys ready to explore a new, beautiful world leaving all irrelevant beliefs behind. So here you go…Now every girl should need to think like  this—

Yes i am gorgeous. Smart and damn strong. No one can define my beauty , my Grace , my body. Feminism is something to be celebrated. But these days is it’s all so lame , the so called disease of being trendy and cool is making everyone sick. Every women is beautiful. Unfortunately now its all about skin show, exposure and turning hippy. Weird accessories with a pathetic sense of fashion. People are just blindly following the crowd without using their own senses.

Comfort Zone

11-59-08-images I am against body shaming and bullying, but we cannot deny we all have different body types, and just to prove ourselves being a part of this fashionista rat race we force ourselves into any sort of dress and without realising how funny we look. There is a difference between centre of attraction and centre of laughter. If many eyes are turning on u its not always to appreciate , but sometimes to mock. Fashion is being graceful, elegant, carrying yourself with confidence and most importantly you must feel comfortable in what you wear, it can be either acessories or any dress. And might be the smallest of things like a mere handbag, earings, or even shoes. We all need to get this very necessary thing straight into our heads that we make fashion it is for us , to enhance our beauty not to makes us feel bad about ourselves & that is what we call style.

Proper Knowledge

The most essential thing is proper or atleast basic knowledge. We all know that beauty lies within ourselves, but then we Also hear many jokes or even saw many trolls on that. We dont have an x- ray in our eyes to see inner beauty. Right, i agree but just think if you are happy , confident , comfortable , calm from inside isn’t that going to affect the glow on your face. A happy face looks far better than a face with loads of make up with no confidence. Doing over with yourself in any aspect will always make you conscious. So this what we call as fashion and beauty. No a big and clear no is the only answer. Now lets start with basic things.11-56-53-images

  • Always look presentable, it nothing has to do with make up , it means staying hygenic, wearing decent clothes, smelling good.
  • If you want to go for accessories , try something that comlients you , your attire.
  • Dress according to your age.
  •  Dont push yourself for those tights, if you have a broad structure, and if you are slim dont try to look over slim its not cool at all you can try the stuff that makes you look normal like balloon style. Over in everything is bad even kareena kapoor who once achieve size zero says that she never wants to have it again. So use your senses wisely.
  •  Dont go for too shiny stuff. It looks tacky. Simlicity is classy.
  •  Dont be too harsh with you hair. Show some love for them, simply shampoed, nicely comb, looks perfecf than any other hair style and even this specific open hair thing go for every occassion with a very little style, like a small front flick it can work out.

The Super Secret

Girls i am not against anything fashion, dresses accessories , being trendy or cool. I am against your pain, your anguish, your feelings of self pity, self hatred due to these so called fashion races. Think is there seriously any need of taking so much mental pressure, cursing your looks , your complexion , your body type, your hair every day every moment, that intense public fear. I know people who love taking pictures but avoid them due to same reason, people who dont like to face mirror.

You know what, these are two basic things that i strongly feel we all have fail to understand badly but before that remember now we are leaving destructive things far behind, and going for the constructive things.

Just be optimistic and start to work out.


  •  If you start to love yourself that will be all just take bath everyday , try never to skip it, wash your hair at least thrice a week and if you can massage them before washing you can have long lustrous hair in two months or so. Because if you take bath everyday you will look fresh as a flower , like a morning dew, and your beautiful hair will be an add on to enhance your beauty.


  • This is the ultimate and most important factor Staying Fit. If you look fit everything will look good on you and apart from beauty by exercising, by keep a check on your food, and then its all good if you eat healthy you can stay away from many chronic diseases, strokes, depression , diabities. There is no snake oil. Many scientific researches have proved exercise is benfitial for all age groups. It leads to glow, flexibility , increase in stamina , better sleep and most importantly a long and healthy life. I know its not easy  to cut down you fat or extra inches which can be due to many reasons but there is no harm in trying , if you keep trying then definitely you will get something because when you leave all your excuses you will found your results. So stop thinking and blaming just give it a shot.

I firmly believe beauty and fitness are co related , fitness and happiness leads to beauty and it leads to confidence. But always remember miracles never happen overnight you must need to stop doing complaints and start from now onwards. Its never too late. Last but not the least if you look wonderful in what you carry then people will follow you, your style , you can be a trend setter. But never try to get into others’s shoes , you can create your own magic with a little pinch of optimism. And above all ultimately its all about YOU , go do it for yourself and not for anyone or anything. Remember might be you are not like others but surely you are better than the rest. Just learn to have faith in your choices and prefernces and you are gonna rock it…
Go girl you can do it…

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