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Explore the dangerous Tourist places in India

India is home to diverse cultures, languages and experiences. Thus, you are sure to feel this thrill of diversity while visiting this amazing country.  Some places in India offer a spinal chill to everyone. Exploring those destinations is not a cake walk but nothing stops adventurers from enjoying the tough beauty. Adventure lovers are always ready to explore the dangerous, unusual and less explored.

Here are 5 of the most dangerous places in India. All of them are present naturally since time immemorial.


drasDras is the world’s second coldest habitable area. Dras is a town in J&K, it is one of the place which was attacked during kargil war. It is known as a high militancy area. It is also called “The Gateway to Ladakh”. The average low temperature in coldest months is noted -15°C and lowest 22°C. Heavy snowfall makes it very hard for travelers and how we can forget about the militancy, an added threat. Summer season starts from June to September, while, winters start from mid-October to mid-May.



How can one avoid talking about chambal when discussing dangerous areas of India. Chambal is home to various most lethal bandit and dakoos. Chambal is well known for outlaws along with huge river and several caves. This valley is full of  thrill and mystery.


This eternally beautiful district of chattisgarh has breathtaking sceneries of beautiful forests and rivers. The greenery of Bastar is an amazing treat to the eyes. But, It is a common site for naxals. Frequent Naxal attacks are not a surprise here.

Thar Desert:

This enormous desert can make you speechless. Sand is the only thing you will see as far as the eyes can lead you. But, there are several venomous creature beneath the golden sand, black cobra being one of them. Black cobra is not the only one there, wild cats, sand boa and many others are always there to welcome you.

Gurez valley:

DSCF811The beauty of this valley will surely leave you in awe. It is located below the Line of Control, 120 km from Srinagar in J&K. It is also known as Gurais. Many dangerous avalanches are common here. Avalanches are not the only thing you need to be careful of. Due to its close proximity to the LOC, stray landmines are a common sight in Gurez valley.

So, prep yourself well before heading to these adventurous and dangerous sites. Travel safe!


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