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Being a fragile petite human who catches a cold easily, I noticed how all of my friends fell victim to the viral cold one after another until everybody is drinking soup in the canteen. It made me wonder why such a small infection as cold does not have any kind of permanent cure with all the technological advancements and developments in the field of medicine?

THE COMMON COLD BEATS THE ADVANCE HUMANTurns out there are quite a few reasons that have to be taken into consideration for finding a cure that could completely eradicate common cold like smallpox was. Following are the list of reasons and facts which are stopping us from being a little bit more happy in our lives with no cold existing in this world.

  • The common cold is a grouping of familiar symptoms including coughs, sore throats, sneezing, and flu which are caused by more than 200 different viruses making it impossible to find a cure for each and every virus.
  • Each virus had many different strains which makes it more challenging.
  • All these viruses are highly mutant DNA virus.
  • You never know what you have been affected with. Even if a vaccine is developed, we would have to constantly develop new vaccines to keep up with the ever-evolving viruses.
  • As well as being time-consuming and difficult to keep up with, any vaccination program would obviously have huge cost implications as well.
  • Apparently finding a cure for the common cold is not anybody’s concern as it is not a fancy job.
  • It is not given as much importance because the cost of cure is relatively cheaper and also the only thing it does is to slow up the daily routine.

So, as superior and intelligent human beings may seem, they fell weak against these super smart viruses who rule over our body, sneaking in without being detected and successfully weaken the human body, giggling over our vulnerability, spreading like wildfire.


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