A Full Body Massage – You Need One Now And Here’s Why!

Life is one giant stressor. And if there is one thing that we can do to, it's get a good full body massage. Here's why you need a massage.

What is a hypothesis?

It’s a provisional explanation of the research problem or can also be said as a possible outcome of a research. Now, this possibility is found by the assumption made on the basis of various proof or evidence. A hypothesis is...

Best Action Games To Play After The All India Pubg Ban!

Pubg was the most viral video game Tencent had to offer. However with its ban in India, people seem to be looking for others. Here are some.

15 meaningful short films that you can binge on YouTube right now!

Have you ever watched a short film? The feeling is amazing plus different than what you get after watching a long movie that too in breaks! We all have some portion of the love reserved for simple movies that have...

Infosys – Making The Perfect Off-Campus Placement Application.

With the pandemic putting a wrench in all plans, we suppose you don't know which company to apply to. Here are tips to apply at Infosys.

Hermione Granger: Ten Things The Iconic Character Taught Us.

The true star of the Harry Potter franchise, Hermione Granger has been an inspiration to little girls everywhere. Read more.

10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone Users

If we give a vision towards the hardware of the iPhone we will see it is continuously becoming strong and powerful. Particularly, When we consider the video editing apps for the iPhone 📱 then in any case there is...

Social Movements and How Social Media Affects Them!

Social Movements have played a major role in bringing many social changes! It is not only in the today's world but also, from a very long time that they have worked. Their history goes long back. Moreover, Social Movements...

The making of our National flag – History of the tricolor evolution

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it; it flies with the last breath of each soldier who dies protecting it”. The Indian flag is just not a piece of cloth, it is an emotion for all...

Lessons learned in 2020

2020 has been hard lately and is continuing its vogue to make our life more miserable. It is an unexpected year which has put our daily lifestyle to a halt. Just like a coin has two faces, similarly, every...

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What to wear with chunky platform sneakers – Here are some suggestions

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