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Everything you need to know about career in photography

Pictures have the ability to depict every aspect of life very beautifully. Pictures are a great source of showcasing humor, sorrow, joy, surprise etc. It is rightly said that one picture is worth a thousand words. We can easily demonstrate our emotions through photographs if they are presented in a meaningful way.

Photography can mean different things to different people. To some it may be merely taking selfies, to some it may serve as a hobby and a passion of life to some. If you are the one who has the ability to capture extraordinary out of ordinary then you can surely pursue photography as a full fledged profession.

We have witnessed a significant rise in mass communication and social media culture in recent times. Rise in these cultures has set the opportunities in photography more and more. Talent, passion and luck are all the factors that lead your way to success in your photography career. You may be a photographer who takes snaps at a local birthday party or you may take photographs of big Bollywood stars. Or, it may also be possible that that your passion for seeing the world through lens can take you from a local photographer to a famous celebrity photographer.

However, it may not appeal to those who seek a stable and formal career. Photography is all about exploring the world around you. A photography career is anything but stable and formal. You need to travel a lot unless you are a photographer who sits at his studio and wait for clients to arrive in.

  • Working Areas

There are numerous fields in photography where you can work. Some of them are listed below. You can choose what works best for you.

  1. Portrait Photographer:

This is the most common form of professional photography. Here you take photographs of individuals at your studio or capture portraits at any social event. Wedding photography also comes under this category.

  1. Press Photographer:

If you are the kind of person who loves exploring new and exclusive then journalism is your thing.

  1. Wildlife Photographer:

Are you all into adventures? If yes, then you should give a thought to wildlife photography. You will catch animals and nature in its original and purest form. The risk factor is highest in wildlife photography.

  1. Scenery or Landscape Photographer

As a landscape photographer you have to capture natural things like a waterfall, river etc. Landscape and scenery photography can also be considered as a form of wildlife photography.

  1. Fashion Photographer

And here comes the most sought after field. You get to control the movements of big names of fashion industry. Fashion photography offers highest chances of name and fame.

  • Remuneration

Remuneration in this field vary from several manners. You may recieve INR 5000 for covering a whole event or can be paid even in lacs for merely taking a few pics of a well known celebrity.

  • Training

Sometimes, a person with high passion may not require a formal training but photography contains a lot of technical details. It would be advisable to enroll in a training program according to the area you are residing. There are many institutions in India which are offering good photography courses.


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