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Buyers Guide: How to Pick the Best Inverter for Home

We are dependent on electricity now more than ever. Our everyday routine revolves around a host of electrical devices that have now become a seamless part of our daily lives. Today if we are asked to imagine a day without electricity, most of us will not be able to execute even the most basic of our daily activities.

In such a scenario, power cuts or not just uncomfortable, but they completely disrupt our daily routines and almost bring life to a standstill. This is why the popularity of power backup devices has skyrocketed in recent times. One of these power backup devices that has gained immense popularity is an inverter.

An inverter can help you survive power cuts by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of electricity, even during an outage. However, not all inverters work as effectively for everyone. There are a number of factors that you need to keep in mind while picking an inverter for home. Here we discuss a few of these factors and help you understand how to get your hands on the best inverter for home.

Power Requirements

Every house has a different power requirement. This depends on how frequent and prolonged your power cuts are and how many appliances you usually run on your inverter. Considering these factors would help you choose an appropriate inverter for home that wouldn’t leave you stranded during a long power cut.

You can calculate the power requirement of your home by adding the power consumed by the different electrical appliances at your home. If you need to run three fans, three lights, one CFL, and one television during a power outage, here’s how you can calculate the power requirements of these items:

  • 1 Fan = 70 Watts
  • 1 tube light = 60 watts
  • 1 CFL = 25 watts
  • 1 Television = 120 watts

Therefore, your total power requirement is 3 x 70 +3 x 60 + 25 + 120 = 535 watts

Warranty and Guarantee

When you buy an inverter for home you would want it to last a long time, or at least you wouldn’t want to spend any extra money on the repairs. Get an inverter that comes with a reasonable warranty period. This would help you prevent wasting money on repairs each time your inverter breaks down. The warranty would also cover a replacement in case there’s some permanent damage.


An inverter cannot work independently. It needs a battery to work smoothly. This is why you need to make sure you pick out an effective battery to fuel your inverter and make sure it runs smoothly. This is why it is always a good idea to go for an inverter and a battery combo.


The brand of the inverter also plays an important role in deciding how effective it will be. When you purchase an inverter for home, you should always go for a reputable brand that is known for providing quality products that work efficiently and last longer.

These days, many excellent brands are available in the market that offer high-quality inverter for homes and allow you to find the best one for your needs. One such brand is Luminous. Luminous has made a mark for itself in the market and offers a range of excellent inverters for homes. So, if you’re looking for an inverter for your home, head to their website and get your hands on the inverter that suits your needs.

So, these were a few factors that you need to keep in mind while buying an inverter for your home. With these factors in mind, you can easily pick out an effective and appropriate inverter for home and say goodbye to power cut hassles.


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