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Are you Broke? Here are some tips you can practice

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2 Do read out below tips to stay happy when you are broke. (till the money arrives again)

Money does not always buys you happiness.  We all face a time in life when we are running out of cash or we have little to spend. In this article I have given few tips that you can practice when you are broke.

Do read out below tips to stay happy when you are broke. (till the money arrives again)

  • Take Online Class for free. Enroll for the class that you always wanted to. Learn something which will help you grow.

  • Download Free EBooks. You can go to they provide you free eBooks

  • If you don’t want to get enrolled in online classes go out and visit library. You will experience silence and spend time reading whatever you wish.

  • Be with nature. Visit parks or garden. Sit on grass and feel the beauty of nature.

  • You can also visit beach, lake and watch sunset or sunrise. Explore your inner self being with nature it doesn’t cost you money at all.

  • Wanting to buy cloths and do not have money? Don’t worry, all you can do is browse certain websites and add your favorites to wish lists. With this you can enjoy browsing it and when money comes you do not have to do it again, just order and grab it!

  • Do you still have stuffs that are in no use and you want to get rid of it? Then what are you waiting for? Make a list and sell it on quickr, olx or anyone who needs it and get money. Sell them at best price and chill.

  • You can always turn your hobby into paycheck. Love to paint, sing, write, and create graphics? Register yourself in freelancer or other websites and get work and paid for your work. With this you can turn your hobby into getting paid and this will help you in your financial crises.

  • It’s not always true that money can buy you happiness. You can watch the movie with your friends at home, spend time with family, be with your pets and enjoy staying at home. Loving someone and feeling loved does not always comes from money.

  • Cook food at home instead of going to restaurant. This will not only save money but will also help you in learning new dish. Invite friends to dinner and enjoy home cooked food with them

    Are you Broke? Here are some tips you can practice

  • Volunteer in some social activity, visit NGO. Help someone. This is give you a feeling of satisfaction.

  • When you get time from busy schedule connect with your old friends, write them an email, message or call them.

  • If you have a lawn or terrace, do gardening. Plant a tree, water a plants. Do small organic farming if you wish to. I promise it will completely change your mood.

  • Listen to music and release your stress.

  • Read novel and gain knowledge

  • Exercise at home instead of heading to gym. Fitness does not require gym. You can do it anywhere. Learn yoga, meditation to keep your body fit and active mind.

  • Explore your creativity and create some good craft stuffs which can be useful at home.

Let me know if this article helps you somewhere. I would love to know more tips about what else you do when you are running out of money and still enjoy life.


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