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Best Whatsapp Status Blog Ever.

Whats app has become the vital social media and easiest way to communicate. We share our messages and our mood via whatsapp status. It reflects our attitude and what type of mood we are at that point in time. sometimes I wonder if I could change my status every hour but the problem is that we don’t have such a huge collection of unique status. I often searched Whatsapp status and hope you do the same. I google my thought and come across  Whatsstatus.com. There are many sites with whats app status but this was unique as there are more than 60 Status Categories like (Love, Sad, Funny, Breakup etc) and all categories have a huge collection of unique status and quotes that are very easy to understand.

How it’s different from other blogs?

The Most vital thing is that it update daily. I searched for few categories from other sites too but mostly I found the status are too old and it does not suit my writing style. I always think that status should be written by teenagers and only few status are unique. But here all status are unique and new and observed that hundreds of writers associated with the blog who write and submit new status.

Can I contribute my status?

Recently I was wondering if I could share my original WhatsApp status that I write and can be useful for someone stating their feelings via whatsapp status. Whatsstatus.com was like a blessing for me as I was thinking to share my original written status so it gave an opportunity to share my status with others most important thing is that it will display my name and photograph in it.  Hope few of them must be thinking does it pay anything for the status we contribute. your answer is yes it does. you can just join as a contributor by signing up and it will pay according to your status.

So if you are bored with the old status and want to update something new and unique your search is over. You are still reading the post. Go and check you will not be disappointed.



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