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Best Family TV Series

Sitcoms are like doses of happiness. They make you happy instantly over a period of twenty minutes. We tend to relate to characters and grow with them over a period of time. You might pick up one or two lessons to improve life.It is double the fun if you can watch these shows along with family. It helps in bonding over a good laugh and humble stories.
Here is a list of running American tv shows that you can catch up whenever you feel like as these are not continuous stories.
Best Family TV Series

The Goldbergs

Set in 1980’s mama bear Beverly smothers her 3 children Adam, Erica, with love while their dad Murray makes sure they are in reality. Their ultra cool granddad is always present for help as a friend for both his grandchildren and parents. It is fun to watch the family mock each other over their weirdness and supporting when required. Watching them bury their misunderstandings apologising for their mistakes and always remembering that they always love each other makes it a heartwarming watch.

Modern Family
modern familyModern Family

This comic series catches up on a closet company owner Jay Pritchett’s family. His son Mitchell is a lawyer happily married to Cameron Tucker with a smart daughter Lilly. His daughter has all the traits of him and manages his clout company after his retirement. Her husband Phil is charming and they have three kids Haley, Alex, and Luke. Jay married a second time to Gloria who has a son Manny from her previous relationship. They have a son Joe who is three years old in the current season.
All of them come together to celebrate whenever possible. Every bit of the tweet minutes show makes you smile and laugh.

The SimpsonsThe Simpsons

The show started on 1989 has been an all time favorite till today. You don’t have to catch up on 28 seasons of this tv series. You can simply start watching it from the current episode and you will surely tend to enjoy every bit of it. The show has always been known for predicting future happening of America accurately. Homer Simpson though a lazy guy snacking on junk food does make sure that his love of his life his wife is happy while tending to his two children. The show also revolves around his friends and his boss who is rich but a miser.


Dre Johnson is a proud black man who tries to make his children aware of their heritage and his hard work as they are now comfortable in their surroundings and don’t get treated badly for being black. His wife Rainbow on other hand is a doctor and helps Dre live in the present as he tends to get carried away. His mom and dad are always around being doting grandparents to the 4 children Zoe, Andre and twins Jack, Diane. With humor they do discuss current issues that could start a good family discussion.

 Life In pieces

This sitcom has four short stories in each episode of Jhon & Joan Shorts and their three children. The three of them live nearby and their lives are intervened which is mostly covered in the fourth story. Fresh Of the boat
Best Family TV Series

Fresh Of the boat

Eddie Huang shifts from Washington D.C to Orlando along with his family as his father had started a steak restaurant there. His dad is a really cool person trying to support his and his three children dreams while his wife maintains discipline in the family while trying to keep her children in touch with their Taiwanese heritage.His grandmother is another character to look out for in the series. The setup is that of 1995.The show deals with how Eddie and his family adjusts to American culture. It is based on life of chef Eddie Huang.

Best Family TV SeriesLast Man Standing

Mike Baxter has three daughters and an understanding wife. He has strong views and expresses them in his vlogs of Outdoor man where he works.He is sarcastic and witty which makes you come back for more.

Best Family TV Series

Man With A Plan

Imagine if Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S has a wife and three children and a brother with whom he has a company. You get more of Matt LeBlanc with traits of Joey on this show making you feel all happy and nostalgic.


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