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10 easy ways to beat the terrible heat this summer

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Beat the heat this summer with the ten easiest ways and keep your body fit and functioning. With an average high temperature of 42°C, Kolkata is turning into a burner and you do not want to turn roast meat! You can blame it on global warming and pollution all you like but you have to do something before this becomes too much to bear.scarf
  • Carry a white scarf and cover your face even if people call you a “terrorist”.sunglass
  • Wear sunglasses and look uber cool (wink). Its summer and its the perfect time to try out a range of sunglasses.. 11067902675_d5afc0e9e3_o
  • Drink lots and lots of water because staying hydrated is a must. Have electrolyte-rich drinks. Lime drinks are a favourite among people.
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  • Don’t plunge into having cold drinks under the sun every time you set an eye on them. That might cause more harm than good, after all you don’t want to end up with a sore throat.mango
  • Make sundaes at home. Add  chocolate  syrups on vanilla scoops and garnish with mango slices. Mango is an anti oxidant, so do not deprive it from your diet because some calories are required to keep you standing in the summer. You can also add jams to your sundae.shower
  • Take showers as frequent as possible, summer in Kolkata is hot and sultry and showers help cool the body temperature.
  • Up your fashion quotient with loose fitting cotton clothes and embellishing your look with a hat!Wear white cotton clothes that help reflect away heat.Benefits-of-curd
  • Please your mother by having home-made curd every day after a meal. It helps to bring down the body temperature.Banjaras+Sunscreen+Gel+Enhanced+With+Saffron
  • Use gel based sunscreens because you don’t want to look sweaty and brown. Aloe vera gels are a must have in every home to remove tan and restore the skin balance.ice
  • Stock your refrigerator with cold water and ice trays filled with ice cubes.
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