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Ayurveda- The harmony of body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda- The harmony of body, mind and soul.

The modern age that we strive in portrays a lifestyle where all our day to day tasks have been made extremely easy for man, with all the gadgets and machines equipped which were previously not known at all. On the contrary, we can say that all these gadgets have made lives complicated and competitive. We find ourselves under stress that hasn’t been experienced in the yesteryears, because with all these technologies available, world expects a lot more from him. These leads to family breakup and disease ridden children, and all this is increasing due to aggressiveness and tension. In this race of life, each one tends to cater his own needs causing a vicious circle of pressure and strain.

The origin of Ayurveda, was marked more than 5000 years ago, and to our surprise it is one of the very few things that are still as important as they were 100 decades ago, or we can say it holds more importance now. Its use adds a holistic approach to our lives.

The Ayurveda schedule, inculcates a sense of peace, and unity in one’s life. These ‘dincharya’ are meant to enhance both mental and physical health of man. These have no side-effects and are effortless to follow.


What does the Ayurveda Schedule say?

  • A human being requires 7-8 hours of sleep daily, have a glass of warm water after waking up to flush out toxins that accumulate in the body overnight. Also, go for a morning walk.
  • Maintain personal hygiene. Regular brushing of not only teeth but tongue also. It should be done after every meal. Washing face should include, washing nose and ears also.
  • Nails and hair should be kept trimmed and clean.
  • All meals should be taken on time. Natural food items are the best.
  • Clothes should be changed daily, and one should prefer clothes made of cotton and natural fibers.
  • Light exercise to keep the body resilient and improve the circulation of blood. A brisk walk of 20 minutes daily is required. This will not only make the person mentally relaxed but active and alert also.
  • A regular massage of the body with herbal oils, enrich the effect of exercise and make the body suppler.
  • Ayurveda also helps in rapidly removing toxins and helps recover more quickly.

For any traditional science in India, two types history exist: Mythological history and Factorial History. Mythological history played a big role in keeping the scientific heritage. At the same time, Ayurveda is based on factorial history a lot.

It is a very simple science, and it’s fundamental principles are all related to nature. Above all, we are all parts of nature. We are created by nature, nurtured by nature and taken by nature. Every vital breath, conconsciousness are given by nature. An individual life and nature are the same. If this principle is clear then how Ayurveda works is also clear. For human body, mind, and spirit, all the supplementation and solutions are available in nature. Understanding it, everyone can make the use of natural resources to find his or her own balance and to enhance life.


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